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Vol. 1, Issue 14: 3/30/2010 Ballot measure news

Statewide Tuesday Count:

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for March 30 shows that 90 ballot questions have now been certified for statewide ballots in 31 states. Approximately 19 measures were added in March, in comparison to the addition of just one new certified measure in February.

This last week alone, legislatures in Alabama and Nebraska each referred one measure to the ballot, while four measures that had been pending signature verification were certified for the 2010 ballot in four states: California Marijuana Legalization Initiative; Colorado Fetal Personhood which will appear on the ballot as Amendment 62; Ohio Slot Machines Veto Referendum; and the Alaska Parental Notification Initiative. All recently certified measures will appear on the November 2 general election ballot, with the exception of the Alaska Parental Notification Initiative which is scheduled to appear on the August 24 ballot.

Ballot watchers should note that the signature deadline for initiated state statutes is April 6 in South Dakota. Utah has a signature deadline of April 15, although Utahns may have a month after the deadline to remove their signatures because of an act just signed into law by Gov. Gary R. Herbert, over the protest of initiative rights activist Paul Jacob. (Note: In 2009, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a recently-enacted signature-revocation law.)

Local ballot measures and recalls:

March 2010 saw local ballot measure elections on 8 dates in 22 states. Notable local measures included the Repeal of Instant Runoff Voting in Burlington, Vermont, an act Prohibiting Recreational Vehicles on the Shorefront in New Durham, New Hampshire, a failed effort to raise funds for a new high school in West Fargo, North Dakota, and a failed effort to recall 3 members of the Tehachapi Unified School District in California.

School bonds:

Ballotpedia's technical writer Kyle Maichle has completed his survey of laws governing local school bond and tax measures, as well as state-by-state indexes that contrast state school bond/tax laws and elections based on their transparency, voter accountability and election administration rules.

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