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Volume 1, Issue 9: 11/11/2009 From the Editor

From the editor

The last few weeks on Ballotpedia were productive and rewarding as the November 3, 2009 ballot measure elections came and went.

Staff writer Al Ortiz had his first field trip, heading to Maine to cover a ballot loser and a ballot winner.

In October, 54 new contributors signed up on Ballotpedia, and just short of 1 million pages were viewed (945,322, to be exact).

We were especially proud of our coverage of hundreds of November 3, 2009 local ballot measure elections. Voting on school bond and tax measures is a complex area in ballot measure-land, and state-by-state, we are building information about how those laws work. You can see early results of that research at School bond and tax elections in Nebraska and School bond and tax elections in Illinois.

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