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Volume 1, Issue 5: 9/1/2009 Ballotpedia community news

Community notes

The September 2009 Collaboration of the Month is expanding Ballotpedia's coverage on what a valid signature is, signature requirements, signature challenges, post-certification signature challenges and related topics.

The August collaboration was creating a better organizational structure for local ballot measures.

We made great progress on this:

  • County templates were made for each of the 50 states that list out local ballot measures by county.
  • We made the decision to include local ballot measure election dates in the main county template for each state as in this example: {{Maine counties}}. Templates have been changed to adjust to this new format in about 10 states, including states with many local ballot measures, such as Colorado, Washington and Ohio.
  • Contributors have started adding a link on county pages to the county's Department of Elections. This has been finished for all counties in about 8-10 states.

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