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Volume 1, Issue 6: 9/15/2009 Community Notes

Community notes

Work continues apace on local ballot measures. There are 3,140 counties in the fifty states; in each county, the county election office typically administers any elections on local ballot measures such as school bond measures, parcel taxes, and so on.

Two natural way to collect information about local ballot measures, then, is by listing local ballot measures on both the page of the county that administered the election, and on an article that reflects the date of the election, as in these examples:

Ballotpedians have created a framework for these articles in about 2,500 of the country's 3,140 counties to allow this type of organizational method for tracking local ballot measures. There's a lot more to do, including adding links to information about historical local ballot measures as collected by county election officials. Want to help?

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