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Our mission

Ballotpedia works to create better citizenship through the free and open sharing of information. It's a nonpartisan collaborative encyclopedia about elections, federal, state and local government (including ballot measure law, school bond and tax elections, recall elections and local ballot measures).

Why volunteer on Ballotpedia?

Web48.png Audience
Ballotpedia is a leading source for information about elections, federal, state and local government. The work you create on Ballotpedia is read by thousands of specialist and lay readers every day. Many articles on Ballotpedia are easy for search engines to find and that helps create an audience for what you write. Instead of building your own audience from scratch, the one built into our wiki welcomes you.
Ballotpedia:Community Community
We don't have block parties or a PTA, but Ballotpedia is an active and friendly community. We come together for the purpose of spreading information about American democracy, and we're passionate about what we do. We help each other in reaching our collective goals.
Ballotpedia:Community Support
Our promise to fellow volunteers is to immediately join your efforts, refining and improving any content you contribute. We might add entirely new sections to your article, add links, or bring the text in-line with our community standards.
Ballotpedia:Edit review process Protection
Along with the support and community we offer, we promise to protect your contributions. Your article is yours, and though others may add to it or improve it, we ensure it's kept safe. We vigilantly guard against vandalism—we read every change made on Ballotpedia—to make sure your additions will be here for years to come.
Ballotpedia:Overview and contact information Archival
A wiki is different from blogs and other online media because it presents comprehensive information on a subject on one page, forever. That means an article you create can become the definitive resource on the topic. And since Ballotpedia hosts the data, you can rest easy knowing your contributions will last as long as the internet. And that's a long time.
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