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Welcome to Ballotpedia! If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity on Ballotpedia (or Judgepedia), then you've arrived on the correct page.

On the following tabs you'll find various information about current available opportunities. Click on each tab for more details.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Ballotpedia's editor at editor@ballotpedia.org.

Work environment

The volunteer opportunities described on this page are part of a remote program. In other words, writers can work from wherever they have internet access -- be it a library or a dorm room or coffee house of preference. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be working 100% alone. At Ballotpedia, we use several mediums (e-mail or chat/webinar programs) to stay in touch.

If you've never worked in a remote position, please consider this self-assessment before applying: Teleworker Application and Self-Assessment Survey

Past projects

Below is a brief list of past and current projects that volunteers have worked on. Click here for a full list of Ballotpedia projects.

At Ballotpedia, we're constantly working to improve the site and build new content in several different project areas -statewide ballot measures, local ballot measures, state legislatures, redistricting, state executives, and recalls...the list goes on. Click here for a full list of Ballotpedia projects.

Within these project areas there are several volunteer opportunities. Below is a list of current projects. This list will be updated throughout the year.

Project list:

Project Description Read more Contact
Local measures Ballotpedia, explicitly covers local ballot measures in 11 states. We're looking for volunteers to (a) provide more detailed coverage in those 11 states and (b) to help cover local ballot measures in the other 39 states Read more here Josh Altic, joshaltic@ballotpedia.org
State executives State of the state addresses - these speeches are delivered to the state legislature and fulfill the requirement in most state constitutions that the governor must deliver an annual report to the legislature. We're looking for volunteers to expand our archived list of speeches. Read more here Nicholas Katers, nkaters@ballotpedia.org
Elections Voter guides - create a database of links to state voter guides (unofficial and official) for each of the 50 states. Read more here Bailey Ludlam, editor@ballotpedia.org
Congress, State executives, State Legislatures "Competitiveness Index" - Do you know of a candidate running for office we don't have a profile for yet? Is there more information we could add to an existing page that would improve our coverage? Or are you a candidate yourself, wanting to provide more information for your own page? We encourage you to use our new biography submission form. Read more here Ballotpedia Editor, editor@ballotpedia.org
Recall Laws governing recall - help locate, research and summarize recall laws. Read more here Ballotpedia Editor, editor@ballotpedia.org

...also, each month a new project area is highlighted on the Ballotpedia:Collaboration of the Month. If you have any suggestions for future topics, questions, or thoughts about Ballotpedia in general, you can either leave us a message on the collaboration talk page or send us an email.

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