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Connecticut WikiProject
This is a project page for a project on Ballotpedia about Connecticut.

Ballot measures

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To do list

Local ballot measures

Election results

See also: Ballotpedia: WikiProject Connecticut#Election results

It is the responsibility of the Connecticut Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

2010: Aug. 10 primary, Nov. 2 general.

2009: Nov. 3 municipal offices election.

2008: Aug. 12 primary, Nov. 4 general.

2007: Nov. 7 municipal offices election.

2006: Aug. 8 primary, Nov. 7 general.

2005: Sep. 13 primary, Nov. 8 general.

2004: Aug. 10 primary, Nov. 2 general.

2003: Sep. 9 municipal offices primary, May 5 municipal elections (15 towns), Nov. 3 municipal elections (remaining municipalities).

2002: Nov. 5 general.

2001: Sep. 11(!!), May 7 municipal election (15 towns), Nov. 6 municipal election (everywhere else).

2000: Sep. 12 primary, Nov. 7 general.

1999: Sep. 14 municipal primary, May 3 municipal election (15 towns), Nov. 2 municipal election (everywhere else).

1998: Nov. 3 general.

1922-2012: General Election Statements of Vote are available for each general election since 1922, in PDF format.

Voter guides

See also: Ballotpedia: WikiProject Connecticut#Voter guides

The Connecticut Secretary of State provides online voter information.

Official voter guides

Unofficial voter guides

Research links

Capital city's newspaper

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