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The Federal Affairs Project is a Ballotpedia work project designed to improve, expand and organize articles about the U.S. federal government.

There are six main types of articles:

  1. Profiles of the presidential cabinet secretaries, nominees and departments in the Obama administration.
  2. Profiles of cabinet-level members, nominees and departments.
  3. Profiles of high-profile administration officials and nominees.
  4. Profiles of possible 2016 presidential candidates.
  5. Articles on recent notable nominations and confirmations.
  6. Articles on relevant administration policy.

The sections below discuss each type of article, and direct the reader to additional resources for researching and writing each type of article, as well as outlining the templates most frequently used in this project.

Writing guidelines

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject Federal Affairs/Writing guidelines

Prior to creating profiles for members of the presidential administration, nominees or departments take a look at the writing guidelines for tips, links, wikicode, etc needed to create such profiles.

For profiles that do not meet the project's standards, add a relevant "article improvement" tag (details below).

Article improvement

See also: Articles to improve

As the project develops, some pages may be rapidly created and may need to be revisited at a later point. For more on articles that are missing components or may need improvement, click here.


See also: Writing:Federal Affairs project categories