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This page tracks all pages with article improvement tags. Article improvement tags are used to flag pages in need of review, with style or format issues and pages that need to be expanded.
  1. It groups that article in with other articles that need the same kind of improvement; this allows people to easily find and systematically fix the articles needing that improvement.
  2. It lets a reader know that the article has been identified as in need of a certain kind of improvement. This is valuable because:
  • The reader may be inspired to do that work
  • It doesn't leave the reader with the mistaken impression that whoever created or is working on the article believes that the article is as good as it could be.
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Using the tags:

  • XXXX = tag name
  • MONTH = add the appropriate month. i.e. January
  • YEAR = add the appropriate year. i.e. 2013
  • REASON = add why the tag was added. i.e. typo, news update needed, etc.

Example: {{Law update|Month=January 2013|Reason=factual error in section A}}



See {{FA update}} This can alternatively be typed as {{FA update}}

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In progress

See {{FA in progress}}
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Crisis in Gaza, 2014


See {{FA stub}}

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Unique news

See {{FA news update}}

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