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Election results

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It is the responsibility of the Michigan Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

Voter guides

The Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Voter Information Center provide online voter information through Further information is provided on the Secretary of States website. Limited documentation is available in Spanish.

Official voter guides

Michigan -- Official voter guides
Official guide name Type of guide Language Available dates
State Candidates and Proposals Ballot measures and candidate info English Current
- Ballot measures info (refer to note) English 2012

2010 Prop 1, 2008 prop 1, 2008 prop 2, 2006, 2004 Prop 1, 2004 Prop 2,


Note: The Michigan House Fiscal Agency creates an analysis of ballot proposals that are prepared by nonpartisan House staff for use by House members in their deliberations. It is not an official statement of legislative intent.

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