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This page contains various DPLs of article improvement tags on Sunshine Review Pages.

The page is checked monthly to verify if various profiles/pages have had activity that would warrant removal from these categories.

Using the tags:

  • XXXX = tag name
  • MONTH = add the appropriate month. i.e. January
  • YEAR = add the appropriate year. i.e. 2013
  • REASON = add why the tag was added. i.e. typo, news update needed, etc.

Example: {{sr update|Month=January 2013|Reason=factual error in section A}}


Sr update

Type "{{Sr update|Month=|Reason=}}" to use this tag

There are currently 4 Sunshine Review pages that need to be updated:

Colorado government sector lobbying
Pennsylvania State Tax Equalization BoardAugust 2013Facts need to be verified
Texas government sector lobbying

Outside muni scope

See {{Sr muni page note}}

There are currently 17,175 pages from SR that are outside the scope of the Muni project:

Abbeville, Alabama
Abbeville, GeorgiaJanuary 2014
Abbeville, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Abbeville County, South CarolinaJanuary 2014
Abbotsford, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Abbott, TexasJanuary 2014
Abbottstown, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Abbyville, KansasJanuary 2014
Abel, Alabama
Abercrombie, TexasJanuary 2014
Aberdeen, IdahoJanuary 2014
Aberdeen, MarylandJanuary 2014
Aberdeen, OhioJanuary 2014
Aberdeen, South DakotaJanuary 2014
Aberdeen, WashingtonJanuary 2014
Aberdeen Township, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Abernant, Alabama
Abernathy, TexasJanuary 2014
Abilene, KansasJanuary 2014
Abilene, TexasJanuary 2014
Abingdon, Illinois
Abington, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Abington, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Abita Springs, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Abram-Perezville, TexasJanuary 2014
Abrams, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Absecon, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Accomack County, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Ace, TexasJanuary 2014
Acequia, IdahoJanuary 2014
Ackerly, TexasJanuary 2014
Ackley, IowaJanuary 2014
Ackley, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Ackworth, IowaJanuary 2014
Acmar, Alabama
Acme, MichiganJanuary 2014
Acme Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Acres Green, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Acton, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Acton, TexasJanuary 2014
Acuff, TexasJanuary 2014
Acushnet, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Ada, Alabama
Ada, OhioJanuary 2014
Ada, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Ada County, IdahoJanuary 2014
Ada Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Adair, IowaJanuary 2014
Adair County, IowaJanuary 2014
Adair County, KentuckyJanuary 2014
Adair County, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Adair Village, OregonJanuary 2014
Adak, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Adams, Adams County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Adams, Green County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Adams, Jackson County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Adams, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Adams, OregonJanuary 2014
Adams, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Adams, TexasJanuary 2014
Adams, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Adams County, IdahoJanuary 2014
Adams County, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Adams County, IndianaJanuary 2014
Adams County, IowaJanuary 2014
Adams County, MississippiJanuary 2014
Adams County, NebraskaJanuary 2014
Adams County, North DakotaJanuary 2014
Adams County, OhioJanuary 2014
Adams County, WashingtonJanuary 2014
Adams town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Adamsburg, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Adamstown, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Adamsville, Alabama
Adamsville, OhioJanuary 2014
Adamsville, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Addieville, Illinois
Addis, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Addison, Alabama
Addison, Illinois
Addison, MichiganJanuary 2014
Addison, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Addison, TexasJanuary 2014
Addison, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Addison County, VermontJanuary 2014
Addison town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Addyston, OhioJanuary 2014
Adel, GeorgiaJanuary 2014
Adel, IowaJanuary 2014
Adelanto, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Adeline, Illinois
Adelphi, OhioJanuary 2014
Adena, OhioJanuary 2014
Adger, Alabama
Adkins, TexasJanuary 2014
Admire, KansasJanuary 2014
Adrian, MichiganJanuary 2014
Adrian, OregonJanuary 2014
Adrian, TexasJanuary 2014
Adrian, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Afton, IowaJanuary 2014
Afton, MichiganJanuary 2014
Afton, TexasJanuary 2014
Afton town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Agate, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Agawam, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Agency, IowaJanuary 2014
Agenda, Ashland County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Agenda, KansasJanuary 2014
Agoura Hills, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Agra, KansasJanuary 2014
Aguilar, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Aguilares, TexasJanuary 2014
Ahmeek, MichiganJanuary 2014
Ahnapee, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Aiken, South CarolinaJanuary 2014
Aiken, TexasJanuary 2014
Aiken County, South CarolinaJanuary 2014
Ainsworth, IowaJanuary 2014
Ainsworth, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Airport Road Addition, TexasJanuary 2014
Airway Heights, WashingtonJanuary 2014
Aitkin County, MinnesotaJanuary 2014
Akan, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Akhiok, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Akiak, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Akron, Alabama
Akron, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Akron, IndianaJanuary 2014
Akron, IowaJanuary 2014
Akron, MichiganJanuary 2014
Akron, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Akutan, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Alabama, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alabama City, Alabama
Alabama Port, Alabama
Alabaster, Alabama
Alabaster, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alachua, Florida
Alakanuk, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Alamance County, North CarolinaJanuary 2014
Alameda, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Alameda County, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Alamo, GeorgiaJanuary 2014
Alamo, IndianaJanuary 2014
Alamo, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Alamo, TexasJanuary 2014
Alamo Beach, TexasJanuary 2014
Alamo Heights, TexasJanuary 2014
Alamosa, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Alamosa East, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Alanreed, TexasJanuary 2014
Alanson, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alba, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alba, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Alban, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albany, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Albany, GeorgiaJanuary 2014
Albany, Illinois
Albany, IndianaJanuary 2014
Albany, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Albany, New YorkJanuary 2014
Albany, OhioJanuary 2014
Albany, OregonJanuary 2014
Albany, Pepin County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albany, TexasJanuary 2014
Albany (town), Green County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albany County, New YorkJanuary 2014
Albany County, WyomingJanuary 2014
Albee, MichiganJanuary 2014
Albemarle County, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Albers, Illinois
Albert, KansasJanuary 2014
Albert, TexasJanuary 2014
Albert City, IowaJanuary 2014
Alberta, Alabama
Albertville, Alabama
Albia, IowaJanuary 2014
Albion, Dane County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albion, IdahoJanuary 2014
Albion, Illinois
Albion, IndianaJanuary 2014
Albion, IowaJanuary 2014
Albion, Jackson County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albion, MichiganJanuary 2014
Albion, Oswego County, New YorkJanuary 2014
Albion, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Albion, Trempealeau County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Albion town, Orleans County, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alburnett, IowaJanuary 2014
Alburtis, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Alcoa, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Alcona County, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alcorn County, MississippiJanuary 2014
Aldan, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Alden, IowaJanuary 2014
Alden, KansasJanuary 2014
Alden, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alden, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alden town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Aledo, Illinois
Aleknagik, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Aleneva, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Aleutians East Borough, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Alexander, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Alexander, ArkansasJanuary 2014
Alexander, IowaJanuary 2014
Alexander, KansasJanuary 2014
Alexander City, Alabama
Alexander County, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Alexander County, North CarolinaJanuary 2014
Alexander town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alexandria, Alabama
Alexandria, IndianaJanuary 2014
Alexandria, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Alexandria, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alexandria, OhioJanuary 2014
Alexandria, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Alexandria, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Alexandria, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Alexandria Township, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Alexis, Illinois
Alfalfa County, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Alford, Florida
Alford, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Alfordsville, IndianaJanuary 2014
Alfred, TexasJanuary 2014
Alfred town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alger, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alger, OhioJanuary 2014
Alger County, MichiganJanuary 2014
Algoa, TexasJanuary 2014
Algoma, Winnebago County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Algoma, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Algona, IowaJanuary 2014
Algona, WashingtonJanuary 2014
Algonac, MichiganJanuary 2014
Algonquin, Illinois
Algood, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Alhambra, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Alhambra, Illinois
Alice, TexasJanuary 2014
Alice Acres, TexasJanuary 2014
Aliceville, Alabama
Aline, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Aliquippa, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Aliso Viejo, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Allakaket, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Allamakee County, IowaJanuary 2014
Allamuchy Township, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Allardt, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Allegan, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allegan County, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allegan Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allegany County, MarylandJanuary 2014
Allegany County, New YorkJanuary 2014
Allegany town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alleghany County, North CarolinaJanuary 2014
Alleghany County, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Alleman, IowaJanuary 2014
Allen, KansasJanuary 2014
Allen, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allen, New YorkJanuary 2014
Allen, TexasJanuary 2014
Allen County, IndianaJanuary 2014
Allen County, KentuckyJanuary 2014
Allen County, OhioJanuary 2014
Allen Park, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allendale, Illinois
Allendale, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allendale, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Allendale Charter Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allendale County, South CarolinaJanuary 2014
Allenhurst, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Allenport, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Allenspark, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Allenton, MichiganJanuary 2014
Allentown, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Allenville, Illinois
Allerton, Illinois
Allerton, IowaJanuary 2014
Alleyton, TexasJanuary 2014
Allgood, Alabama
Alliance, OhioJanuary 2014
Allison, IowaJanuary 2014
Allison, TexasJanuary 2014
Allouez Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alloway Township, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Alma, Alabama
Alma, Buffalo County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alma, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Alma, GeorgiaJanuary 2014
Alma, Illinois
Alma, Jackson County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alma, KansasJanuary 2014
Alma, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alma, New YorkJanuary 2014
Alma, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Almena, Barron County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Almena, KansasJanuary 2014
Almon, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Almond, Alabama
Almond (town), WisconsinJanuary 2014
Almond town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Almont, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Almont, MichiganJanuary 2014
Almont Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alorton, Illinois
Alpena, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alpena County, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alpha, Illinois
Alpha, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alpha, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Alpine, Alabama
Alpine, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Alpine, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Alpine, TexasJanuary 2014
Alpine, UtahJanuary 2014
Alpine County, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Alsey, Illinois
Alsip, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Alta, IowaJanuary 2014
Alta, UtahJanuary 2014
Alta Loma, TexasJanuary 2014
Alta Vista, IowaJanuary 2014
Alta Vista, KansasJanuary 2014
Altair, TexasJanuary 2014
Altamont, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Altamont, KansasJanuary 2014
Altamont, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Altha, Florida
Alto, MichiganJanuary 2014
Alto, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alto Bonito, TexasJanuary 2014
Alto Pass, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Alton, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Alton, IndianaJanuary 2014
Alton, IowaJanuary 2014
Alton, KansasJanuary 2014
Alton, TexasJanuary 2014
Alton North, TexasJanuary 2014
Altona, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Altona, IndianaJanuary 2014
Altona town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Altoona, Alabama
Altoona, IowaJanuary 2014
Altoona, KansasJanuary 2014
Altoona, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alturas, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Altus, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Alva, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Alvarado, TexasJanuary 2014
Alvin, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Alvin, TexasJanuary 2014
Alvin, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Alvord, IowaJanuary 2014
Alvordton, OhioJanuary 2014
Alyssa, IowaJanuary 2014
Amador City, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Amador County, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Amanda, OhioJanuary 2014
Amargosa Valley, NevadaJanuary 2014
Amarillo, TexasJanuary 2014
Amasa, MichiganJanuary 2014
Amberg, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Amberley Village, OhioJanuary 2014
Ambia, IndianaJanuary 2014
Ambler, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Ambler, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Amboy, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Amboy, IndianaJanuary 2014
Amboy, New YorkJanuary 2014
Ambridge, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Amelia, OhioJanuary 2014
Amelia County, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Amenia, New YorkJanuary 2014
American Canyon, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
American Falls, IdahoJanuary 2014
American Fork, UtahJanuary 2014
Americus, KansasJanuary 2014
Amery, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Ames, IowaJanuary 2014
Ames, TexasJanuary 2014
Amesville, OhioJanuary 2014
Amherst,New HampshireJanuary 2014
Amherst, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Amherst, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Amherst, New YorkJanuary 2014
Amherst, OhioJanuary 2014
Amherst (town), WisconsinJanuary 2014
Amherst County, VirginiaJanuary 2014
Amite City, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Amite County, MississippiJanuary 2014
Amity, New YorkJanuary 2014
Amity, OregonJanuary 2014
Ammansville, TexasJanuary 2014
Ammon, IdahoJanuary 2014
Amnicon, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Amo, IndianaJanuary 2014
Amsterdam, New YorkJanuary 2014
Amsterdam, OhioJanuary 2014
Amsterdam, TexasJanuary 2014
Amsterdam town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Anacoco, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Anacortes, WashingtonJanuary 2014
Anadarko, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Anahuac, TexasJanuary 2014
Anaktuvuk Pass, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Anamosa, IowaJanuary 2014
Anarene, TexasJanuary 2014
Anchor, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Anchor Point, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Anchorville, MichiganJanuary 2014
Ancram, New YorkJanuary 2014
Andale, KansasJanuary 2014
Andalusia, Alabama
Andalusia, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Anderson, Alabama
Anderson, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Anderson, Burnett County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Anderson, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Anderson, IndianaJanuary 2014
Anderson, Iron County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Anderson County, KentuckyJanuary 2014
Anderson County, South CarolinaJanuary 2014
Anderson County, TennesseeJanuary 2014
Anderson County, TexasJanuary 2014
Anderson Mill, TexasJanuary 2014
Andes town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Andover, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Andover, IowaJanuary 2014
Andover, KansasJanuary 2014
Andover, MassachusettsJanuary 2014
Andover, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Andover, OhioJanuary 2014
Andover Township, New JerseyJanuary 2014
Andover town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Andrew, IowaJanuary 2014
Andrews, IndianaJanuary 2014
Andrews County, TexasJanuary 2014
Androscoggin County, MaineJanuary 2014
Angelica, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Angelica town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Angelina County, TexasJanuary 2014
Angelo, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Angels Camp, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Angie, LouisianaJanuary 2014
Angleton, TexasJanuary 2014
Angola, IndianaJanuary 2014
Angoon, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Aniak, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Anita, IowaJanuary 2014
Aniwa (town), WisconsinJanuary 2014
Ankeny, IowaJanuary 2014
Ann Arbor, MichiganJanuary 2014
Ann Arbor Charter Township, MichiganJanuary 2014
Anna, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Anna, OhioJanuary 2014
Anna Maria, Florida
Annapolis, MarylandJanuary 2014
Annawan, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Anne Arundel County, MarylandJanuary 2014
Anniston, Alabama
Annsville, New YorkJanuary 2014
Anoka County, MinnesotaJanuary 2014
Anson, Chippewa County, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Anson, TexasJanuary 2014
Anson County, North CarolinaJanuary 2014
Ansonia, OhioJanuary 2014
Antelope, OregonJanuary 2014
Antelope County, NebraskaJanuary 2014
Anthon, IowaJanuary 2014
Anthony, KansasJanuary 2014
Antigo, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Antigo (town), WisconsinJanuary 2014
Antioch, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Antioch, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Antioch, OhioJanuary 2014
Antlers, OklahomaJanuary 2014
Anton, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Antonito, ColoradoJanuary 2014
Antrim County, MichiganJanuary 2014
Antwerp, OhioJanuary 2014
Antwerp town, New YorkJanuary 2014
Anvik, AlaskaJanuary 2014
Apache Junction, ArizonaJanuary 2014
Apalachicola, Florida
Aplington, IowaJanuary 2014
Apollo, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014
Apopka, Florida
Appanoose County, IowaJanuary 2014
Apple Creek, OhioJanuary 2014
Apple River, IllinoisJanuary 2014
Apple River, WisconsinJanuary 2014
Apple Springs, TexasJanuary 2014
Apple Valley, CaliforniaJanuary 2014
Appleby, TexasJanuary 2014
Applegate, MichiganJanuary 2014
Applewold, PennsylvaniaJanuary 2014



See {{Stub (Sunshine Review)}}

There are currently 538 Sunshine Review pages in stub form:

ATV Watch
Access RI
Agriculture and Tourism Partners of IllinoisDecember 2012
Akron Education AssociationMarch 2010
Akron Law Library AssociationOctober 2010
Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police
Alabama Association of Regional Councils
Alabama Center for Open Government
Alaska Conference of Mayors
Alaska Fire Chiefs Association
Alaska Government Finance Officers Association
Alaska Library Association
Alaska Public Employees Association/AFTApril 2010
Alaska State Firefighters Association
Albuquerque Educational Assistants AssociationApril 2010
Allegheny County Bar AssociationOctober 2010
Alpine Education AssociationMay 2010
American Independent PartyAugust 2010
American Water Works AssociationFebruary 2009
Anchorage Education AssociationApril 2010
Ann Arbor Education AssociationMarch 2010
Ann Butterworth
Arizona Association of County EngineersNovember 2010
Arizona County Attorneys & Sheriffs AssociationOctober 2013
Arizona County Clerks AssociationOctober 2013
Arizona County Sheriffs AssociationOctober 2013
Arizona Federation of TaxpayersJuly 2012
Arizona First Amendment Coalition
Arizona Local Government Auditors AssociationOctober 2013
Arizona Local Health Officers AssociationOctober 2013
Arizona Municipal Risk Retention PoolOctober 2013
Arizona Municipal Water Users AssociationsOctober 2013
Arkansas City Clerks, Recorders and Treasurers Association
Arkansas Coalition for Open Government
Arkansas Education AssociationOctober 2013
Arlington Education AssociationOctober 2013
Association of Criminal Defense LawyersOctober 2013
Association of Election Commission Officials of IllinoisOctober 2013
Association of Pennsylvania State College and University FacultiesOctober 2010
Atlanta Federation Of TeachersNovember 2009
Attorney Registration and Discipline CommissionOctober 2013
Aurora Education AssociationOctober 2013
Baltimore Teachers UnionOctober 2013
Bangor Education FoundationOctober 2013
Barbour County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Barrington Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Bay Tax Foundation
Bellevue Education AssociationOctober 2013
Berkeley County Education AssociationOctober 2013
BeyondChronJuly 2010
Big Sky Search
Bismarck Education AssociationOctober 2013
Blackfoot Education AssociationOctober 2013
Boise Education AssociationOctober 2013
Bonneville Education AssociationOctober 2013
Boone County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Boston Teachers UnionOctober 2013
Boundary County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Box Elder Education AssociationOctober 2013
Brandywine Education AssociationOctober 2013
Braxton County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Brechner Center for Freedom of Information
Bridgewater-Raynham Education AssociationMay 2010
Bristol-Warren Education AssociationDecember 2009
Brooke County Education AssociationFebruary 2010
Buffalo Teachers FederationSeptember 2009
Burlington Education AssociationFebruary 2010
Burrillville Teachers AssociationDecember 2010
Cabell County Education AssociationFebruary 2010
Cache Education AssociationMay 2010
Caddo Association Of EducatorsSeptember 2009
Caesar Rodney Education AssociationSeptember 2009
Calhoun County Education AssociationFebruary 2009
Canyons Education AssociationMay 2010
Cape Henlopen Education AssociationNovember 2009
Cape Henlopen Support Staff AssociationNovember 2009
Capital Educators AssociationOctober 2013
Catholic Lay Teachers Group Of The Archdiocese Of New YorkSeptember 2009
Cecil County Classroom Teachers AssociationSeptember 2009
Cedar Falls Education AssociationFebruary 2010
Central Michigan UniversityFebruary 2012SR page
Cherry Creek Education AssociationOctober 2009
Christina Education AssociationNovember 2009
Cincinnati Federation of TeachersMarch 2010
Cincinnatians for ProgressSeptember 2009
Citizen Action Network
Citizen Advocacy Center
Citizen Watchdogs
Citizens' Campaign
Citizens Hold Americas Trust Political Action Committee
Citizens UnitedJanuary 2010
Clark County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Clay County Education Association, FloridaOctober 2013
Clay County Education Association, West VirginiaOctober 2013
Cleveland Heights Teachers UnionOctober 2013
Colchester Education AssociationOctober 2013
Collier County Education Association IncOctober 2013
Colonial Education AssociationOctober 2013
Colorado Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Colorado Freedom of Information Council
Colorado Springs Education AssociationOctober 2013
Columbus Education AssociationOctober 2013
Columbus Educators AssociationOctober 2013
Concord Education AssociationOctober 2013
Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information
Connecticut Education AssociationOctober 2013
Constitution Party of New York
Coventry Teachers AllianceOctober 2013
Cranston Teachers AllianceOctober 2013
Cumberland Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Davis Education AssociationOctober 2013
Delaware Coalition for Open Government
Delaware State Education AssociationOctober 2013
Deliberative process exemption-Alabama
Deliberative process exemption-Arizona
Deliberative process exemption-Arkansas
Deliberative process exemption-California
Deliberative process exemption-Colorado
Deliberative process exemption-Connecticut
Deliberative process exemption-Delaware
Deliberative process exemption-Florida
Deliberative process exemption-Georgia
Deliberative process exemption-Hawaii
Deliberative process exemption-Idaho
Deliberative process exemption-Illinois
Deliberative process exemption-Indiana
Deliberative process exemption-Iowa
Deliberative process exemption-Kansas
Deliberative process exemption-Kentucky
Deliberative process exemption-Louisiana
Deliberative process exemption-Maine
Deliberative process exemption-Maryland
Deliberative process exemption-Massachusetts
Deliberative process exemption-Michigan
Deliberative process exemption-Minnesota
Deliberative process exemption-Mississippi
Deliberative process exemption-Missouri
Deliberative process exemption-Montana
Deliberative process exemption-Nebraska
Deliberative process exemption-Nevada
Deliberative process exemption-New Hampshire
Deliberative process exemption-New Jersey
Deliberative process exemption-New Mexico
Deliberative process exemption-New York
Deliberative process exemption-North Carolina
Deliberative process exemption-North Dakota
Deliberative process exemption-Ohio
Deliberative process exemption-Oklahoma
Deliberative process exemption-Oregon
Deliberative process exemption-Pennsylvania
Deliberative process exemption-Rhode Island
Deliberative process exemption-South Carolina
Deliberative process exemption-South Dakota
Deliberative process exemption-Tennessee
Deliberative process exemption-Texas
Deliberative process exemption-Utah
Deliberative process exemption-Vermont
Deliberative process exemption-Virginia
Deliberative process exemption-Washington
Deliberative process exemption-West Virginia
Deliberative process exemption-Wisconsin
Deliberative process exemption-Wyoming
Democracy Rising PA
Denver Classroom Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Denver Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Dixie County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Doddridge County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Douglas County Professional Education AssociationOctober 2013
Duluth Federation Of TeachersOctober 2013
East Greenwich Education AssociationOctober 2013
East Providence Education AssociationOctober 2013
Edmond Association Of Classroom TeachersOctober 2013
Education Action Group
Education Association of AlexandriaOctober 2013
Education Association of NorfolkOctober 2013
Education Association of WorcesterOctober 2013
Education MinnesotaOctober 2013
Education Minnesota LakevilleOctober 2013
Education Support Personnel Of OklahomaOctober 2013
Elisha Hodge
Elko County Classroom Teacher AssociationOctober 2013
Ethan Allen Institute
Everett Education AssociationOctober 2013
Excellent Education for Everyone
Exeter-West Greenwich Education AssociationOctober 2013
Fairfax Education AssociationOctober 2013
Farmington Education AssociationOctober 2013
Fayette County Education Association, KentuckyOctober 2013
Fayette County Education Association, West VirginiaOctober 2013
Federation of Rowan College EducatorsOctober 2013
First Amendment Project
Florida Association of School Personnel AdministratorsOctober 2013
Florida Association of the DeafOctober 2013
Florida Education AssociationOctober 2013
Florida School Finance Officers Association, Inc.October 2013
Florida State University, United Faculty of FloridaOctober 2013
Forest City Education AssociationOctober 2013
Fort Dodge Education AssociationOctober 2013
Foster Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Frederick County Teachers Association Of MarylandOctober 2013
Free State Foundation
Freedom Works - Colorado
Georgia Association of EducatorsOctober 2013
Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators
Georgia Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Georgia First Amendment Foundation
Gilmer County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Gladstone National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Glocester Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Grand Rapids Education AssociationOctober 2013
Granite Education AssociationOctober 2013
Grant County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Greenbrier County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Greenville County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Griswold Community Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hamblen County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hampshire County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hancock County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hardy County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Harrison County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hartford Federation of Teachers, Local 1018October 2013
Haverhill Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hawaii Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Helena Education AssociationOctober 2013
Hillsborough County Class Room Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Holmes County Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Houston Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Idaho Education AssociationOctober 2013
Idaho Reporter
Idahoans for Open Government
Illinois Education AssociationOctober 2013
Illinois Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Illinois First Amendment Center
Illinois School Boards AssociationOctober 2013
Indian River Education AssociationOctober 2013
Indiana Coalition for Open Government
Indiana Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute
Indiana Policy Review Foundation
Indiana State Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Indianapolis Education AssociationOctober 2013
Institute for Justice - Arizona Chapter
Iowa Freedom of Information Council
Iowa Lakes Community College Education AssociationOctober 2013
Iowa Society of Association Executives
Iowa State Education AssociationOctober 2013
Issaquah Education AssociationOctober 2013
Jackson County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Jamestown Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Jefferson County Association of Educational Support PersonnelOctober 2013
Jefferson County Education Association, West VirginiaOctober 2013
Jefferson County Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Johnston Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Jordan Education AssociationOctober 2013
Juneau Education AssociationOctober 2013
Kanawha County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Kansas Associate of Public EmployeesOctober 2013
Kansas Association of BroadcastersNovember 2012SR page
Kansas Association of Community College TrusteesNovember 2012SR page
Kansas City Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Kansas National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Kansas Register of Deeds Association
Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government
Kansas Watchdog
Kathy Barnes
Katy Citizens Watchdog
Keene Educational AssociationOctober 2013
Keep Eanes Informed
Kenai Peninsula Education AssociationOctober 2013
Kentucky Citizens for Open Government
Kentucky Education AssociationOctober 2013
Knowledge as Power
Knox County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Lake County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Lansing Schools Education Association, KansasOctober 2013
Lansing Schools Education Association, MichiganOctober 2013
Leadership Program of the Rockies
League of Oregon Cities
Leon Classroom Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Lewis County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Lincoln County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Lincoln Education AssociationOctober 2013
Lincoln Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Little Compton Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Livonia Education AssociationOctober 2013
Logan County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Logan Education AssociationOctober 2013
Long Hill Observer
Loudoun Education AssociationOctober 2013
Louisiana Association of EducatorsOctober 2013
Louisiana Coalition for Open Government
Louisiana Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Louisiana Justice Institute
Lovejoy Independent School District Accountability
MacIver Institute
Madison County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Maine Education AssociationOctober 2013
Manatee Education AssociationOctober 2013
Manchester Education AssociationOctober 2013
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Marion Brechner Citizen Access Project
Marion County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Marion Education AssociationOctober 2013
Marshall County Education Association, TennesseeOctober 2013
Marshall County Education Association, West VirginiaOctober 2013
Maryland Foundation for Open Government
Maryland Municipal League
Maryland State Education AssociationOctober 2013
Marysville Education AssociationOctober 2013
Mason County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Massachusetts Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Massachusetts Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Matanuska Susitna Education AssociationOctober 2013
McDowell County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Media Law Center for Ethics and Access
Medomak Valley Education AssociationOctober 2013
Memphis Education AssociationOctober 2013
Memphis Watchdog
Mercer County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Meridian Education AssociationOctober 2013
Metropolitan Nashville Education AssociationOctober 2013
Michael Quinn Sullivan
Michigan Association of Housing Officials
Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators
Michigan Chapter, American Public Works Association
Michigan Chapter, International Public Management Association for Human Resources
Michigan Education AssociationOctober 2013
Michigan Freedom of Information Committee
Michigan Municipal Electric Association
Michigan Section, American Water Works Association
Mid Pacific Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Middletown Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Mineral County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Mingo County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Minnesota Joint Media Committee
Mississippi Association of EducatorsOctober 2013
Mississippi Center for Freedom of Information
Missouri Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Missouri Freedom of Information Center
Missouri National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Missouri School Boards AssociationOctober 2013
Missouri Sunshine Coalition
Missouri WatchdogAugust 2010
Monongalia County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Monroe County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Montana Education Association - Montana Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Montana Freedom of Information hotline
Montana Indian Education AssociationOctober 2013
Montana Rural Education AssociationOctober 2013
Montgomery County Education Association, MarylandOctober 2013
Morgan County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Mounds View Education AssociationOctober 2013
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Municipal Waste Management Association
NEA CharihoOctober 2013
NEA New HampshireOctober 2013
NEA Rhode IslandOctober 2013
NEA Shawnee MissionOctober 2013
NEA TivertonOctober 2013
NEA TopekaOctober 2013
Narragansett Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
National Education Association Of New YorkOctober 2013
National Education Association of New MexicoOctober 2013
Nebraska State Education AssociationOctober 2013
Nevada State Education AssociationOctober 2013
New Castle County Education AssociationOctober 2013
New England First Amendment Coalition
New Hampshire Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
New Hampshire Taxpayers
New Haven Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
New Jersey Foundation for Open Government
New Jersey State Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
New Shoreham Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Newark Teachers UnionOctober 2013
Nicholas County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Nora Springs-Rock Falls Education AssociationOctober 2013
Norfolk Federation Of TeachersOctober 2013
North Carolina Association of EducatorsOctober 2013
North Carolina Open Government Coalition
North Dakota Education AssociationOctober 2013
North Kingstown Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
North Providence Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
North Smithfield Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Northwood-Kensett Education AssociationOctober 2013
Norwalk Federation Of TeachersOctober 2013
Ohio County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Ohio Education AssociationOctober 2013
Ohio Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Ohio Municipal League
Olathe National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Omaha Education AssociationOctober 2013
Open Government Coalition of Hawaii
Open Oregon
Open Records Network
Orleans Central Education AssociationOctober 2013
Ormsby County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Our New Mind
Owasso Taxpayer Alliance
Oxford Hills Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
POLYTECH Education AssociationOctober 2013
Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Pawtucket Teachers AllianceOctober 2013
Pendleton County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Perth Amboy Federation AFTOctober 2013
Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association IncOctober 2013
Pleasants County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Plymouth Canton Education AssociationOctober 2013
Pocahontas County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Pocatello Education AssociationOctober 2013
Ponaganset Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Portland Educators AssociationOctober 2013
Portsmouth Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Presley v. GeorgiaMarch 2010Check JP for article
Preston County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Providence Teachers UnionOctober 2013
Public Assets Institute
Pueblo Education AssociationOctober 2013
Pulaski Association Of Classroom TeachersOctober 2013
Purdy v. City of KalamazooMarch 2010Check JP for article
Putnam City Association Of Classroom TeachersOctober 2013
Putnam County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Raleigh County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Randolph County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Red Clay Education AssociationOctober 2013
Rhode Island Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns
Rhode Island Votes
Richard McKee
Richmond Education AssociationOctober 2013
Richmond Newspapers v. VirginiaMarch 2010Check JP for article
Ritchie County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Roane County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Robbinsdale Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Rochester Federation Of TeachersOctober 2013
Rochester Fund for Educational Accountability
Rockwood National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Sabattus Education AssociationOctober 2013
Salem Education AssociationOctober 2013
Saline Education AssociationOctober 2013
Sarasota Classified Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Schools and Libraries ProgramFebruary 2009
Scituate Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Seaford Education AssociationOctober 2013
Seattle Education AssociationOctober 2013
Shelby County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Smithfield Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Smyrna Education AssociationOctober 2013
South Burlington Educators AssociationOctober 2013
South Carolina Education AssociationOctober 2013
South Carolina Press Association FOI Committee
South Dakota Education AssociationOctober 2013
South Dakotans for Open Government
South Kingstown Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Southwestern Ohio Education AssociationOctober 2013
Spokane Education AssociationOctober 2013
Springfield Education AssociationOctober 2013
St. Paul Federation of TeachersOctober 2013
Summers County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Sumner County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Tacoma Education AssociationOctober 2013
Target Range Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
Taylor County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Taylor Education AssociationOctober 2013
Teachers Association of Anne Arundel CountyOctober 2013
Teachers Association of Baltimore CountyOctober 2013
Teachers Association of Lee CountyOctober 2013
Teachers Association of NewportOctober 2013
Tennessee Education AssociationOctober 2013
Texas State Teachers AssociationOctober 2013
The Allied Membership Program
The Barnegat Press
The Kansas Meadowlark
The Money Trail
The Ohio Coalition for Open Government
The United States Conference of City Human Services Officials
Thompson Education AssociationOctober 2013
Transparency Train
Tucker County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Tullahoma City Educational AssociationOctober 2013
Tully Center for Free Speech
Tyler County Education AssociationOctober 2013
U.S. Conference of Mayors Urban Water Council
United Professions of VermontOctober 2013
United Teachers Of DadeOctober 2013
United Teachers of WichitaOctober 2013
Upper Montclair AFTOctober 2013
Upshur County Education AssociationOctober 2013
Utah's Right to Know
Utah Education AssociationOctober 2013
Utah Foundation for Open Government
Utica Education AssociationOctober 2013
Vermont-National Education AssociationOctober 2013
Vermont Coalition for Open Government
Vermont Transparency
Virginia Coalition for Open Government
Virginia Education AssociationOctober 2013
Voice for Liberty in Wichita
Volusia Teachers OrganizationOctober 2013
WRAL Public Records
Walled Lake Education AssociationOctober 2013