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New Hampshire WikiProject
This is a project page for any content about New Hampshire.

Election results

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject New_Hampshire#Election results

It is the responsibility of the New Hampshire Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

2012: General election; State primary election; Presidential primary election

2010: General election; Primary election

2008: General election; Primary election; Presidential primary election

2006: General election; Primary election

2004: General election; Primary election; Presidential primary election

2002: General election; Primary election

2000: General election; Primary election; Presidential primary election

1998: General election; Primary election

1996: Presidential primary election

1992: Presidential primary election

Voter guides

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject New_Hampshire#Voter guides

The New Hampshire Secretary of State's Election Division provides online voter information.

Official voter guides

Note: The Election Division states, "the state website [will provide] information on ballot measures or questions when they exist."[1]

Unofficial voter guides

Research links

Capital city's newspaper

Ballot measures


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