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North Dakota WikiProject
This is a project page for a project on Ballotpedia about North Dakota.

Ballot measures

Election results

See also: Ballotpedia election coverage

It is the responsibility of the North Dakota Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

Voter guides

The North Dakota Secretary of State provides online voter information.

Official voter guides

North Dakota -- Official voter guides
Official guide name Type of guide Language Available dates
Ballot Measures to be Considered Ballot measures info English 2012


  • We've recently redesigned the North Dakota page to make it more user-friendly as a hub for getting to everything about North Dakota.

Work areas

  • Adding breaking news regarding North Dakota initiatives
  • Creating pages for "red links"
Red links are pages that don't currently exist but that we would like to have. Anytime you see a red link, you are encouraged to start a page on that subject.
The Campaign finance requirements for North Dakota ballot measures page needs to be edited with the appropriate information.
Someone had created this page with an "under construction" heading, which we should never do. If a page has a "red link", and no content to go on it, leave it as a "red link", so that someone will know they need to add content.
  • Continue work on articles and charts on past initiatives.
  • Putting up at least stub articles on all the current pending initiatives, even those that don't necessarily seem serious.
  • Adding articles about groups and individuals who actively support or oppose initiatives in North Dakota.
  • More information on local initiatives
  • Political consultants and advocacy groups
  • Following the money: Add information about donations and donors to ballot measure campaigns. This info can be found at

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