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This page is about original content on Ballotpedia.


The goal of this project is to allow contributors to provide original content to Ballotpedia in the areas of:

  • Interviews.
  • Essays.
  • Research.
  • News.

Articles that fall under the designation of original content contain ideas, interviews, quotes, summaries or analysis that is original to the contribution made to Ballotpedia.

Graphic devices should be included on original content pages to allow readers to quickly see that the article contains original material.

Guidelines for interviews

Guidelines included here are subject to change over time as we learn more about how to provide valuable, original information to readers.

Identity of contributor

  • Ballotpedia contributors who want to provide original interviews must go through an editorial vetting process by contacting Ballotpedia's editor at This will allow us to have a level of assurance that interviewers/contributors are real people who really did interview the person they said they interviewed. (We don't want to run the risk of contributors posting pseudo-interviews that are alleged to have been conducted with the interview subject, but which never took place.)
  • Contributors who have permission to post original interviews should indicate their authorship of an interview in a conspicuous place on the page where the interview is posted.
  • If interviews are posted by contributors who haven't been cleared by the editorial staff, the interviews will be deleted. (Deleted material can be restored if the contributor is approved to do interviews.)
  • Contributors who post interviews should indicate, on each interview, if they have a connection to the person being interviewed.


When an original interview is published, it should be included in Category:Original interview

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