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Decisions that need to be made

  • Figure out what to do about "list of" articles for California, Illinois and Texas.
  • Maps: Where should clicks go? See questions to consider.
  • State school district list articles: What should they look like? Charts? DPL?
  • If a chart, what should go in the chart?
  • Student enrollment figures?
  • Most recent annual budget?
  • Number of schools in the district?
  • Year the district formed?
  • Any other nominations?
  • How often will the chart have to be updated?
  • Decide what the naming convention will be for individual articles about school districts.
  • What is the ideal first sentence for a list article?
  • What external links should routinely appear on a list article?

The major "list" articles for school districts

What to call them

By state

By size/enrollment

Anything else?

Is there any other way we would want to sort types of school districts? Any other list articles?

Anything else??

Next steps

  • Redirect article titles
  • Fix talk page templates
  • Check/fix categories
  • HNT at end of page
  • Remove banner

Capturing them in VNTs and HNTs

Then, you all will want a VNT ("Vertical Navigational Template") and an HNT ("Horizontal Navigational Template"). These will make your life editing on the wiki much, much easier over time. They will also help the reader navigate between the various pages.

Fundamental HNT

{{Lists of school districts}} will be the fundamental HNT for this project, at least for the time being.

There are three main ways that this fundamental template can change.

  • It needs a map that is unique to this project.
  • You can (and almost certainly will) add more layers of information to it.
  • At some point, it might be seen as desirable to change the name of the HNT.

Fundamental VNT


We need a unique map for this project. Questions to consider:

  • Where do you want people to go if they click on a particular state?
  • Is there any natural way to divide up the states so that different colors would be relevant in any way?

Category structure

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