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The School Bond and Tax Elections project is a WikiProject devoted to organizing and building information about voting on school bond and tax measures.

It is a subset of WikiProject Local Ballot Measures and is one of Ballotpedia's newest projects. It was started in September 2009.

The project has three main goals, which are:

  • Describe in a clear and comprehensive way what the law is in each state that governs local school bond and tax elections. When is a school district required to go to the voters? What rules and regulations must school boards follow before they put a bond or tax measure on the ballot? Must school districts put these measures on the ballot during general elections or do they have more flexibility? How often can a school board go back to voters with a measure that was previously defeated? How much public notice must voters be given about a forthcoming election? Are school boards allowed to pay for political campaigns urging "yes" votes on bond and tax measures?
  • To write articles about individual local school bond and tax measures.
  • Produce executive summaries and aggregate statistics that tell the story of school bond and tax measures over time.

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Article improvement

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As the project develops, some pages may be rapidly created and may need to be revisited at a later point. For more on articles that are missing components or may need improvement, click here.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help.

  • If an article has already been written about the school bond and tax laws in your state (you can click {{school bond and tax elections}} to see the status of your state), review the article for clarity and accuracy, and add any details you are familiar with.
  • Start and improve articles about specific local school and bond measures in your state.