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Election overview writing guidelines

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About the district
Method of member selection
What's at stake?
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This style guide shows how to add the infobox section to a school board election page.


Every school board election page has an infobox located in the top right section of the page. The infobox serves as the table of contents for a page as well as providing the election date, relevant links that appear in the See also section, and display the state flag of the state being discussed.

These infobox sections should be created on Template pages using the naming format of the school district abbreviation and the year of the election.


{| class="infobox" style="text-align: center; style="width:20%;"
| [[File:School Board badge.png|center|170px|link=DISTRICT NAME Elections (YEAR)]]<center>[[#SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION NAME YEAR|'''YEAR SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION NAME''']]</center><hr> 
!style="background-color: #ECEBED"| '''General Election date:'''
|<center>ELECTION DATE</center>
!style="background-color: #ECEBED"| <center>Table of Contents</center>
|<center>[[#About the district|About the district]] <br> [[#Method of board member selection|Method of election]] <br> [[#Candidates|Candidates]] <br> [[#What's at stake?|What's at stake?]] <br> [[#Key deadlines|Key deadlines]] <br>  [[#Additional measures on the ballot|Additional measures]] <br> [[#Contact information|Contact information]] <br>  [[#External links|External links]] <br> [[#References|References]]</center>

!style="background-color: #ECEBED"| '''See also'''
|[[STATE]] <br> [[COUNTY NAME, STATE ballot measures]] <br> [[Local ballot measures, STATE]] <br> [[School bond and tax elections in STATE]]</center></small>

|[[File:Flag of STATE.png|99px|center|link=STATE]]


See also: Template:AAPSBOE2014

See also