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School board member and candidate writing guidelines

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This style guide describes how to add the infobox section to a school board candidate page on Ballotpedia.


A candidate page should include an infobox located in the top-right corner of the page. This infobox details a candidate's political, professional and educational history, along with other biographical details such as a photo and links to relevant websites. The infobox form should be added at the very beginning of the article in the edit box.

Every row of the infobox is an opportunity to include another detail about the board member or candidate. Fill out as many rows as possible with the information available.


|Project              = School
|Name                 = FULL NAME
|Profile picture      = FILE:IMAGE NAME
|Imagelink            = FULL NAME
|Position             = Board member, SCHOOL BOARD NAME, SEAT TYPE
|Status               = INCUMBENT/CANDIDATE
|Tenure               = 
|Term ends            = 
|Assumed office       = 
|Political party      = 
|Predecessor          = 
|Leadership           = 
|Years leadership     = 
|Leadership 2         =
|Years leadership 2   =
|Leadership 3         =
|Years leadership 3   =
|Leadership 4         =
|Years leadership 4   =
|Leadership 5         =
|Years leadership 5   =
|Base salary          =
|Per diem             =
|Pension              =
|Last election        = MONTH DAY, YEAR
|Appointed            = 
|Appointed by         = 
|First elected        = MONTH DAY, YEAR
|Term limits          = 
|Next election        = MONTH DAY, YEAR
|Prior office         = 
|Prior office years   = 
|Prior office 2       = 
|Prior office 2 years = 
|Prior office 3       =
|Prior office 3 years =
|High school          = HIGH SCHOOL NAME
|Associate's          = 
|Bachelor's           = UNIVERSITY NAME
|Master's             = 
|J.D.                 = 
|Ph.D.                = 
|M.D.                 =
|Other                = 
|Military             = 
|Years of service     = 
|Military 2           =
|Years of service 2   = 
|Citations            =
|Birthday             =
|Place of birth       =
|Profession           = OCCUPATION
|Religion             = 
|Office website       =
|Campaign website     =
|Personal website     =
|Campaign logo        = FILE:IMAGE NAME


See also: LaNier L. Echols
LaNier L. Echols
LaNier L. Echols.jpg
Board member, Indianapolis School Board, District 5
Term ends
Years in position 1
PredecessorMichael D. Brown
Elections and appointments
Last electionNovember 4, 2014
First electedNovember 4, 2014
Next general2018
Term limitsN/A
Bachelor'sFlorida State University
Master'sMarian University
Ph.D.Indiana State University
Office website
Campaign website
LaNier L. Echols campaign logo

See also