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This style guide describes how to add the External links section to a school district page on Ballotpedia.

External links

The "External links" section should be used to direct the reader to websites and pages relevant to the school district that are not hosted on Ballotpedia.

This will always include the following, if available, in this order:

  • The school district website and any related websites
  • The city or county municipal government website
  • The state department of education website
  • The state school board association website
  • The local teachers union website

If there are additional external links that you want to include, such as a section of the local newspaper website dedicated to the school district, place it after these links. Do not include external links to specific news articles about the school district. Instead, use those articles as references and cite them accordingly. Always include the "suggest a link" button in the "External links" section.

This section follows the "See also" section and precedes the "References" section.


==External links==
{{submit a link}}
*[website link School District website]
*[website link Municipal Government, State]
*[website link State Department of Education]
*[website link State school board association]
*[website link School District teachers union]


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External links

See also