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This style guide describes how to add the References section to a school district page on Ballotpedia.


Newspaper articles or similar reliable sources that you're using for some of your information should be included as reference footnotes, following these citation conventions, which you can see in practice here.

Note that as soon as you add at least one citation footnote to an article, you must add a "References" section that includes the {{reflist}} or {{reflist}} tag, or your citation won't show up for your reader as a clickable link.

In other words, be sure to type a "References" section heading, after your "See also" and "External links" sections.



Info submitted via bio submission

Sometimes information is submitted via our Biographical submission forms. If that happens, you will still want to cite the information that you add to the wiki. Use the following citation format:

<ref>''Information submitted on Ballotpedia’s biographical information submission form on DATE''</ref>

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