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This style guide describes how to add the See also section to a school district page on Ballotpedia.

See also

The "See also" section should be used to direct the reader to other pages related to the school district on Ballotpedia.

This will always include the following, in this order:

  • The school board elections project portal page
  • The school district elections page (current, or most recent)
  • The school board elections state portal page
  • The list of school districts in state page
  • The county ballot measures page
  • The state local ballot measures page
  • The state portal page

Do not include links to other websites. Those belong in the "External links" section.

This section follows the "Contact information" and "Website evaluation" sections and precedes the "External links" and "References" sections.


==See also==
*[[Ballotpedia page title]]
*[[Second Ballotpedia page title]]
*[[Third Ballotpedia page title]]


See also: Douglas County School District, Colorado

See also

See also