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Before you upload an image, whether it is of a ballot measure activist, a building, a sign or even an icon for use on Ballotpedia, double check the copyright status of those images. If the image is self-taken or self-made, you will still want to check the copyright page for the appropriate tag. The copyright tags also apply to products in the public domain.



The main Ballot Measures category is Category:Ballot measure images. If you cannot remember the specific image category or a category does not exist for that particular image, add Category:Ballot measure images.

Campaign logos

For campaign logos or signs used by ballot measure campaigns, use Category:STATE ballot measure campaign logos.

For example: Category:California ballot measure campaign logos.

If, for example, the campaign logo is being used in multiple states, simply add multiple categories.


Maps created for the Ballot Measure project, should be categorized under Category:Ballot measure map images.

If the map is used in an image map template, then those templates would be categorized under Category:Image map templates, ballot measures (for those that relate to state measures) or Category:Image map templates, local measures (for those that relate to local ballot measures).

Project images

Images specifically created for the Ballot Measure project should be categorized under Category:Ballot measure project images.

This may include project icons, project logos, sitenotices, etc.

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