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This page is about the process of annotating the text Ballotpedia has of the state constitutions in each of the 50 states with information about specific amendments to specific articles.

An example of an annotated section of a state constitution can be found here:

The process of annotating a state constitution on Ballotpedia is this fashion is time-consuming work that can't be completed for a particular state's constitution until there is an article on Ballotpedia about every amendment to that state's constitution.

Incomplete annotations

When a Ballotpedia contributor is in the gradual process of annotating a state constitution in this fashion, pages on Ballotpedia about specific constitutional articles that are undergoing the process of annotation should include a warning icon at the top of the page to indicate that the process hasn't been completed. Otherwise, if a page about a constitutional article indicates some amendments, but not all amendments, you risk creating the misleading impression in your reader that you have indicated all amendments to that particular article of a constitution, when in fact you haven't yet included all amendments to that article.


The process of annotating the California Constitution's text on Ballotpedia with links to and information about successful and unsuccessful amendments to specific articles of the constitution is underway, but has not been fully completed for any article, as of July 2011. This means that as you read through the text of a current Article of the California Constitution on Ballotpedia, and observe links to specific amendments, you should not assume that you are getting a full picture of the history of all amendments that have ever been proposed or enacted to that particular Article of the California Constitution. (You are reading the current text, however.)

Note: As of June 30, 2012, every proposed constitutional amendment that was on a California ballot from 1990-2010 has been listed in the article(s) of the California Constitution that it applies to.

Tracking sheets

Following every election, state constitutions should be reviewed and updated to reflect any adopted constitutional amendments that were referred to the ballot. Below are the project pages to track updates made to state constitutions.

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