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December 13, 2010

By Eileen McGuire-Mahony

Compared to the 37 states that elected governors in 2010, the upcoming 2011 cycle is a baby season. Three states, all part of the South, will go to the ballots.

In Kentucky, incumbent Steve Beshear, a Democrat, could have a bit of a fight on his hands to retain his seat. Louisiana and Mississippi are both in Republican hands at the moment and expected to stay that way. In the Pelican State, Bobby Jindal is eligible for another term and has already declared he will run for re-election. Mississippi's Haley Barbour, who led the Republican Governor's Association during the 2010 campaign season, is term-limited, but his party is predicted to hold the state.

Kentucky and Mississippi have primaries scheduled in early August of 2011 while Louisiana, which uses an open primary system, won't make the first round of election until late October.

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