Barbara Cowell, Joe Winslow, Patricia Anderson, Jerry Lukkason and Jose Lizarraga recall, Quartzsite, Arizona (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall Barbara Cowell, Joe Winslow, Patricia Anderson, Jerry Lukkason and Jose Lizarraga from the Quartzsite City Council in Quartzsite, Arizona, took place on March 8, 2011.[1]

All five targeted officials were retained by voters on March 8.[2]


The Quartzsite City Council includes six officeholders. Five of them were targeted in the March 8, 2011 recall. Robert Kelley is the only person on the city council who did not face a recall election on March 8; recall organizers did collect signatures to recall him as well as the other five, but that signature count came up short.

Mayor Ed Foster was not facing a recall campaign at the time that other Quartzsite officials were being recalled, but Foster was recalled in August 2011.

Dean Foster initiated the recall efforts against Cowell and Winslow. He took out recall papers against them on March 9, 2010 and turned in the required recall signatures on June 14, 2010. Cowell and Winslow were first elected to the city council in September 2009, when two seats on the council were made vacant by the recall of then-council members Carolyn Guthrie and Bill Moore.

Hal Davidson initiated the recall efforts against Anderson, Lukkason, Lizarraga on May 27, 2010, turning in the required signatures on September 23, 2010. Anderson, Lukkason and Lizarraga were all initially appointed to fill vacancies on the city council and then were elected in a May 2010 election.

Election results

Barbara Cowell

Cowell election results
  • Barbara Cowell: 345 (55.65%) Approveda
  • Jennifer Jones: 272 (43.87%)
  • Write-in votes: 3 (0.48%)

Joe Winslow

  • Joe Winslow: 324 (52.60%) Approveda
  • David Gjerdahl: 281 (45.62%)
  • Write-in votes: 11 (1.79%)

Patricia Anderson

  • Patricia Anderson: 327 (52.91%) Approveda
  • Patricia Workman: 288 (46.6%)
  • Write-in votes: 3 (0.49%)

Jerry Lukkason

  • Jerry Lukkasson: 342 (60.42%) Approveda
  • Write-in votes: 224 (39.58%)

Jose Lizarraga

  • Jose Lizarraga: 358 (63.7%)
  • Write-in votes: 204 (36.3%)

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