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Basic Rights Oregon is a group founded after run ins with the Oregon Citizens Alliance. BRO's core values include:

  • Fairness
  • Acceptance
  • Democracy
  • Justice for all


After a heartbreaking loss against an anti-gay ballot measure in 1988, fair-minded Oregonians came together and vowed that they would never again allow religious extremists to take away the civil rights of our citizens. They raised over $2 million in 1992 for a successful campaign to defeat the OCA’s next anti-gay effort, now known as "the first Measure 9." But when the OCA filed dozens of city and county measures and promised to return to the statewide ballot in 1994, activists knew that a permanent political organization was needed. Support Our Communities PAC was formed, leading to the defeat of the OCA’s 1994 Measure 13 and the creation of Basic Rights Oregon. BRO went on to further victory in 2000, with an emphasis on coalition politics and an aggressive voter identification project."

Basic Rights Oregon website (dead link)

BRO has been successful at organizing online, and is supported by such online media as Loaded Orygun (dead link) and their own blog The BRO Blog.