Bavarian Smoking Ban Referendum, 2010

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A Bavarian Smoking Ban Referendum was held on July 4, 2010 in the German state of Bavaria.

This measures was approved with 61 percent of voters in favor of the ban.[1]

This implements the strictest smoking rules in the country and many are pushing for national level laws to coincide with the newly approved Bavarian law.[2] The law will automatically go into effect on August 1, 2010, but Oktoberfest festivities would be the exception for the year, being given till 2011 to enforce the no smoking law. State authorities are happy that the issue is resolved, hoping now there will be 'peace' throughout the state in regards to the smoking issue which has been a long standing debate.[3]

Organizers for the petition to strengthen the smoking laws in restaurants and bars were successful in their petition drive. 940,000 signatures were needed throughout the German state of Bavaria to get the petition approved, this number was passed by more than 350,000 signatures. Supporters of the measure sought to enforce the more stricter smoking ban than was put forth by the German state. Those opposed to the petition, Association for the Preservation of Bavarian Tavern Culture was the main advocate against the petition, were disappointed in the results. Germany imposed a country wide smoking ban in bars and restaurants in 2008 but most states have not implemented the laws or do not enforce them.[4]