Beauprez wins GOP nomination for governor, faces Hickenlooper in the general: Colorado state executive primary elections review

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June 24, 2014


By Maresa Strano

June 24, 2014 Election Review

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Denver, Colorado: On June 24, qualified Colorado voters faced a single contested state executive primary, for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and selected Bob Beauprez. Beauprez represented Colorado's 7th Congressional District from 2003-2007 and he was the 2006 Republican nominee for governor.[1]

Beauprez drew 30 percent of the primary vote yesterday, according to unofficial totals, defeating Tom Tancredo (27 percent), Gessler (23 percent) and Mike Kopp (20 percent).[2]

In addition to governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer round out the five state executive positions up for election in 2014 in the state of Colorado.

Three of the five incumbents are seeking re-election, including Governor John Hickenlooper (D), Lieutenant Governor Joseph Garcia (D), who run on a joint ticket in the general election, and finally Treasurer Walker Stapleton (R).

One of the two outgoing officers, John Suthers (R), has reached his term limit serving as state attorney general. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, meanwhile, shunned a possible second term this year in favor of an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to challenge Hickenlooper for the state's top office in the fall. Since Gessler has been knocked out of the governor's race, he is too late to make a bid for re-election to his current post.

On the advertising front, the campaign season has so far been a relatively quiet one for the governor's race. While Beauprez trailed most of his primary opponents in fundraising leading up to the primary, the Democrats made him their number one target for attack, perhaps leading Republican voters unfamiliar with Beauprez to perceive him as a serious threat to Hickenlooper.

Beauprez also stood out as the preferred choice of the Republican establishment, which favored Beauprez over Tancredo in particular. A former Republican colleague of Beauprez in the U.S. House, Tancredo raised the most and campaigned more aggressively this election, however he has cultivated a reputation among party members as somewhat of a wildcard: Tancredo ran against Hickenlooper in 2010 on the American Constitution Party ticket, and later switched his affiliation back to Republican.[3]

Despite his crushing double digit loss in the 2006 governor's race, often invoked by opposition groups such as ProgressNow Colorado, who called Beauprez "one of Colorado’s most storied political losers," in a recent press release, the GOP establishment has placed their faith in Beauprez in the 2014 election.[4] About that defeat, which occurred during his last term in Congress, Beauprez reflected, "I’m even more experienced than I was eight years ago. I’m certainly a lot wiser."[5]

Beauprez will square off with Hickenlooper, who has raised nearly $3 million in preparation for the second phase of this campaign cycle, as well as various third party and unaffiliated candidates, in the general election on November 4, 2014.[6]

Below, Ballotpedia has posted the results of the June 24 primary, as well as a look ahead at the general election ballot. Note: The general election candidate lists are unofficial. They reflect the most up to date information provided by the Colorado Secretary of State and State Party websites.[7]

Colorado Governor
See also: Colorado Gubernatorial election, 2014

Primary Election Results

Governor of Colorado, Republican Primary, 2014
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngBob Beauprez 30.2% 116,333
Tom Tancredo 26.7% 102,830
Scott Gessler 23.2% 89,213
Mike Kopp 19.9% 76,373
Total Votes 384,749
Election Results via Colorado Secretary of State.

Running mates listed together in order of "Governor/Lieutenant Governor"[8]

General election

Democratic Party John Hickenlooper/Joseph Garcia - Incumbents Green check mark transparent.png
Republican Party Bob Beauprez/Jill Rapella[9]
Libertarian Party Matthew Hess/Brandon Young[10][11]
Green Party Harry Hempy/Scott Olson[12]
Independent Mike Dunafon/Robin Roberts[13]
Independent Paul Fiorino/Charles Whitley
Republican Party (Write-in) Marcus Giavanni/Joshua Yballa[14]

Lost in the primary

Republican Party Scott Gessler[15][16]
Republican Party Tom Tancredo[17]
Republican Party Mike Kopp/Vera Ortegon[18]

Colorado Attorney General
See also: Colorado attorney general election, 2014

The Colorado Attorney General seat has been rated as "vulnerable" to partisan switch heading into the 2014 elections. Incumbent attorney general John Suthers, a Republican first appointed in 2005 and elected to two subsequent four-year terms, is barred by term limits from running again in 2014. Vying for the open seat is Democrat Don Quick, who is considered "a strong contender to flip the seat." Against the backdrop of Colorado's "purple" partisan landscape, this race, as well as other statewide seats opening in 2014, present competitive enticement to the non-incumbent party to assert control over new offices and territory.[19]

Quick, in addition to Republican Cynthia Coffman, who currently serves as deputy attorney general under Suthers, were unopposed for their parties' nominations in the June 24 primary. They will face off in the general election on November 4 along with Libertarian nominee David Williams.

General Election Candidates

Colorado Secretary of State
See also: Colorado secretary of state election, 2014

This seat is open in 2014 due to Republican incumbent Scott Gessler's decision to run for governor.

General Election Candidates

Colorado Treasurer
See also: Colorado down ballot state executive elections, 2014

Republican incumbent Walker Stapleton is running for re-election.

General Election Candidates

See also

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