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Becky Miller

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Becky Miller is a moderately conservative, registered independent, political blogger in Oregon. She is also a former aide to Bill Sizemore.

Political views

Although Miller wrote in favor of Measure 92 and Measure 93, her views changed considerably from far right-wing to moderately conservative and she is now a blogger on Preemptive Karma, a blog featuring primarily registered independents, of which she is one.

Racketeering case

Miller is well known for testifying against Bill Sizemore's various entities involvement in a July 2000 racketeering case. The Oregon Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against two of Sizemore's organizations: Oregon Taxpayer's United and the OTU Education Foundation.

During the trial Becky Miller, a former aide to Sizemore, testified about what she claimed were illegal business practices of Oregon Taxpayers United. Her allegations included the claim that Sizemore and Americans for Tax Reform founder Grover Norquist had laundered money, as well as alleged falsification of federal tax returns and state campaign finance reports. The claims were all supported by documents acquired by and handed over to the OEA and AFT attorneys.

After three weeks of testimony and a million dollars in union legal fees, the jury found Sizemore's organizations guilty of racketeering, and the organizations were fined approximately $2.5 million. Sizemore refused to pay the fines pending appeals of the decision. In December 2006, the fines were overturned.[1][2]

Without a trial, Sizemore was found personally liable for his organization's civil racketeering liability, and a judge shut down his 501(c)(3) education foundation. Nearly a million dollars were added to the fine as a result of Sizemore's resistance to earlier court orders/decisions. On appeal, both sides claimed victory.

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