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Beer and wine grocery sales may be on Colorado ballot

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November 20, 2009


DENVER, Colorado: Blake Harrison, a Denver attorney and candidate for the State House, filed an initiative to allow the sale of wine and full-strength beer within grocery stores. The initiative, also known as Initiative 29, was filed this week with the Colorado Legislative Council. A hearing on the proposal is scheduled for December 1st.[1] According to the submitted proposal, grocery and convenience stores would be allowed to set aside 5% of their floor space for beer and wine sales. State law currently only allows the sale of reduced-strength beer. In turn, liquor stores would be able to designate 5% of their shelf space for food sales, which are currently not allowed.[2]

In the past couple of years, two similar bills have been shot down. In 2008, a legislative proposal died in committee after a 5-1 Senate Finance Committee vote. The measure was opposed by liquor-store owners who argued the bill would severely impact their businesses. In 2008, however, the general assembly passed a law to allow Sunday liquor sales. In 2009, Rep. Liane "Buffie" McFayden attempted to pass a similar bill but it was defeated in the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee.[3]

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