Belgrade Town Office Construction and Other Proposal Measures (March 2010)

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There were Belgrade Town Office Construction and Other Proposal Measures on the March 19, 2010 ballot in the town of Belgrade which is in Kennebec County.

Several issues were voted on during this town election, most notable were the two proposals for the construction of a new town hall and the building of a salt/sand shed in the town. All three of those measures were defeated.

The first proposal for a new town hall was defeated with 659 against and 270 for it. This building would have been a multipurpose facility that would have housed a library and food pantry along with the town offices. It would have cost near $3.6 million to construct.

The second proposal for a town hall would have only housed the town offices, it was defeated with 571 against and 367 in favor. This building would have cost only $1 million and would only have had the town offices in it.

The salt/sand shed would have cost residents $350,000 to construct. Although the construction of the shed was defeated, a proposal agreement with the state of Maine's Department of Transportation to give them land to build a salt/sand shed was approved.

An ordinance to recall elected officials was approved by residents, specific purposes in which officials could be recalled were specified in the measure.[1]