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Bellevue, Washington

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Bellevue is a city in Washington. It is the fifth largest city in Washington with a population of 122,363 in 2010.[1]

Website evaluation

Last rated on February 15, 2012.

The good

  • City Council member contact information is posted. Meeting minutes and agendas are available.[2]Minutes and Agendas</ref>
  • Audits are posted.[3]
  • Budgets are posted.[4]
  • Bids are posted.[5]
  • Tax information is available.[6]
  • Building permit and zoning information provided.[7][8]
  • Information and request form for public records provided.[9]

The bad

  • Contracts and lobbying information not available.

Elected Officials

City Council and Mayor

The City Council is made up of seven members elected at large for four year terms. The members then select a mayor and deputy mayor from the council members. The Mayor does not have any veto power and serves a two year term as mayor.[10]

First Last Position Term Expiration
Conrad Lee Mayor 2013
Jennifer Robertson Deputy Mayor 2015
Claudia Balducci Member 2015
John Chelminiak Member 2015
Don Davidson Member 2013
John Stokes Member 2015
Kevin Wallace Member 2013

City Manager

The city operates under a council-manager form of government where the City Council selects a city manager to oversee day to day operation of the city. The city manager in Bellevue is Steve Sarkozy.[11]

Sarkozy has been in talks with private investors about the possibility of building an arena for an NBA or NHL team.[12]

Salaries and Pensions

The Bellevue website Compensation and Benefits page outlines employee pay ranges and benefits. Employees are able to choose between three different retirement plans: PERS, MEBT, or GWRS.[13]


The total operating budget for the 2011-2012 biennium budget is $668,600,000.[14]

Function Expenditures Percent
Safe Community $155,300,000 23.3%
Improvaed Mobility $26,900,000 4.0%
Healthy and Sustainable Environment $214,700,000 32.1%
Innovative, Vibrant and Caring Community $55,500,000 8.3%
Quality Neighborhoods $10,200,000 1.5%
Economic Growth and Competitiveness $20,900,000 3.1%
Responsive Government $185,100,000 27.7%
Total $668,600,000 100.0%


The tax imposed by the city include:[15]

  • Sales taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Business & Occupation Tax
  • Utility Taxes
  • Various fees and other taxes


Main article:Washington government sector lobbying

Bellevue has reported $550,000 spent lobbying since 2000 (see table).

Reported lobbying expenditures, 2000-2012[16]
Year Amount spent on lobbying
2012 Less than $20,000
2011 $50,000
2010 $80,000
2009 $80,000
2008 $40,000
2007 $40,000
2006 $40,000
2005 $40,000
2004 $40,000
2003 $40,000
2002 $40,000
2001 $40,000
2000 $40,000

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