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Bellwood, Illinois

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Bellwood is a city in Illinois.

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Public employee salaries

Roy McCampbell, a retired city administrator, earned an annual salary of $472,000 in 2009, mostly from income from unused sick and vacation days. He now collects a $250,000 pension, the highest for a municipal worker in the state.[1]

As of 2011, Michael Castaldo, Jr. mades $350,000 a year to represent the Village of Bellwood. Since 2001 Castaldo has worked as an attorney for the village of around 20,000 people, but when Bellwood decided to save money by cutting back on outside law firms, Castaldo’s paycheck began to inflate, from $85,000 in 2009, to $186,000 in 2010, to $350,000 in 2011. In addition to his job in Bellwood, as of 2011 Castaldo made over $30,000 a year doing legal work for Stone Park, $50,000 from the Memorial Park District in Bellwood, $42,000 at Proviso Township High School District 209, and $60,000 from Bellwood School District 88 -- a total of $541,000 for 2011 from five separate public payrolls.[2]


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The Village of Bellwood spent $138,500 with four lobbyists or firms in 2009, spending more than Chicago, Illinois.[3][4]

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