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Belmont Exceed Revenue Limit (2008)

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The Belmont Exceed Revenue Limits referendum was on the April 1 ballot in the School District of Belmont, which is in Lafayette County. The purpose of the referendum was to exceed the state-set revenue cap by $350,000 per year for five years (totaling $1,750,000 overall), with the additional funds being directed to the school budget. The additional funds will be used to meet basic operating costs of the district.

Text of Measure

Be it resolved by the School Board of the Belmont Community School District, Lafayette County, Wisconsin, that the revenues included in the School District Budget be authorized to exceed the revenue limit imposed by Section 121.91(2m) of the Wisconsin Statutes by up to $350,000 per year for five (5) years beginning with the 2008-2009 school year and ending with the 2012-2013 school year, for non-recurring purposes consisting of funding school operating and maintenence expenses.


Passed, with 388 "yes" votes and 193 "no" votes.

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