Ben Shelly and Rex Lee Jim recall, Navajo Nation (2012)

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An effort to recall Ben Shelly and Rex Lee Jim from their leadership positions of the Navajo Nation fell short in July 2012.[1] Shelley serves as president of the tribe while Lee Jim serves as vice-president.

Reasons for recall

Shelley and Lee Jim were faulted for supporting a water rights settlement. Shelly met privately with Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl about the water settlement, which was turned down by the Navajo Council despite Shelley's support of the measure.[2]

Path to the ballot

Johnny Thompson of the Navajo Election Administration said that fewer than the required five recall committee members met qualifications for gathering signatures. Recall organizers may resubmit the petition. More than 38,000 signatures would be necessary to force a recall election.[1]

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