Bi-partisan Prosecution Selected in Case Against White

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October 12, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: Last month, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker accused GOP candidate Charlie White of voter fraud in the May 2010 primary, when White allegedly voted in a precinct other than his own.

Parker's plea for an investigation has resulted in the Hamilton County prosecutor's office selecting two prosecutors to handle the case.

John Dowd, a Republican and former Warren County prosecutor, has been selected as the lead prosecutor. Daniel Sigler, a Democrat and former Adams County prosecutor, will serve as Dowd's assistant in the case.

There are concerns that Dowd, a Republican and lead prosecutor, could taint the outcome. Joel Schumm, a clinical professor of law at the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis states that "Giving the Republican more authority could negate the county's attempts to make the investigation bipartisan...If the Democrat is just an assistant, some will still be concerned about the politics of it."[1]

Defense attorney Jim Crum gives merit to the idea, and questions how a prosecutor from either side of the fence could investigate without the perception of bias.

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