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Big government

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Big government (sometimes capitalized as Big Government) is a pejorative term generally used by political conservatives, such as Republicans, members of the Tea Party or Libertarians, to describe a government which is excessively large or inefficient, or which is inappropriately involved in certain areas of public policy.[1] In this latter sense, the term may also be used by political liberals, such as Democrats, in relation to government policies that attempt to regulate matters considered to be private or personal, such as private sexual behavior.[2]

Commentators who use the term are often concerned about government involvement in the delivery of public goods and the formulation and implementation of laws and policies concerning civil rights, social justice and social welfare.[3][4] However, such commentators may also be supportive of capital punishment, stronger executive powers for government, a larger criminal justice system (particularly in terms of the numbers of police officers and prisons) and a powerful military.[2]

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