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The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions (BI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, independent research and educational institution offering free-market solutions to Kentucky's most pressing problems. It was founded by Chris Derry in 2003.

Transparency projects


The first project BI undertook was to mirror the success of and create The goal of the site is to "give users instant access to concise, plain language and objective descriptions of every single bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the Kentucky legislature."[1]

Freedom Kentucky

The second project of BI, Freedom Kentucky, is a wiki that was originally created to focus "on transparency to systematically address education freedom in Kentucky."[2] Since then it has grown and now includes portals on education, transparency, labor, Kentucky at work, and property rights.

TAC Initiative

Another project from BI is the Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration Initiative (TAC). BI's website says, "We are structuring this initiative to become the model that we will use, and other think tanks may duplicate, to shine a disinfecting light on corrupt government practices, bureaucratic abuse and the insidious thwarting of our liberties. Our strategy is pioneering and once established can be copied throughout the nation or the world."[2]


The Bluegrass Institute regularly conducts research on a variety of issues and offers articles and other publications on their website.

Major issue areas include education, free markets, transparency, accountability and property rights.

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