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Boise school board president may run for governor

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July 15, 2013


By Josh Altic

Boise, Idaho: A. J. Balukoff, who is the Boise school board president and has been on the board since 1997, was approached by Idaho democrats with the idea of running for governor and is now considering and looking for advise before officially becoming part of the next race for governor. The key issue in his campaign would be education. Balukoff said, "We have a constitutional mandate to provide an education, and a moral mandate. The Legislature has totally fallen down on the job.” He also proposed that when the economy dipped, the legislature cut education funding instead looking at other options, such as ending certain tax exemptions. If he does in fact decide to run, his avid support of Common Core, a movement to establish common standards in education throughout all the states, would be a key factor in defining his supporters and opponents, as the Common Core efforts are controversial in Idaho and are considered by some to be a massive intrusion into state and locally run education.[1]

Balukoff also talked about studying up on as many other aspects of Idaho politics as possible before running in order to avoid being a issue candidate. He has admitted that he's "still got a lot of work to do" before he makes his decision, which is expected later this year. Bulukoff would run as a Democrat, but he reportedly considers himself an independent and has said he would need a lot of help from the GOP side of politics to win a gubernatorial election in the Republican-dominated state of Idaho. “You’ve got to be centrist,” he said.[1]

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