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Bonita Springs Charter Amendments, 10 (January 2010)

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There were ten Bonita Springs Charter Amendments proposed on the January 26 ballot in Lee County for voters in the city of Bonita Springs.

Seven of the ten measures were approved[1]

Approveda 1. The first amendment sought to clarify that the terms “City Council” and “council” refers to the governing body of six members and one mayor.

Approveda 2. The second sought to clarifies that council terms are limited to no more than eight consecutive years in one position of mayor or member or 16 consecutive years as a combination of the two.

Approveda 3. This sought to limit the campaign spending increases to a maximum of 3 percent.

Approveda 4. Sought to change the election results criteria in that declaring a winner is the person with the highest number of votes instead of 50 percent plus one vote.

Approveda 5. Will now clarify that a deputy mayor is elected by City Council and serves as mayor in the mayor’s absence.

Defeatedd 6. Sought to allow voice votes instead of roll call votes on certain issues and passage requires only a majority of present voters instead of at least four ‘yes’ votes.

Defeatedd 7. Would have allowed City Council to adopt resolutions to change city departments instead of enacting an ordinance.

Defeatedd 8. Would have eliminated a mandatory 30-day waiting period to enact ordinances.

Approveda 9. Sought to define the city clerk and finance director as separate positions.

Approveda 10. Will establish a charter review committee appointed by council every 10 years.[2]

Voter turn out for the election was around 10 percent with about half of that number voting early with absentee ballots.[3]