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There are three aspects to this test: performing research on the wikis, performing research on the internet, and adding information to an established page. Upon completion of each element, add them to the section of this page called "Results." This test is timed; plan to spend approximately one hour on it in total. Note your start and finish times in the section below.


Before beginning the test you must register with Ballotpedia. Please create a user account for yourself following this naming pattern: First name, month, day. For example: Sara0317.


Note your start and finish times here.

Start time: 12:32 P.M.

End time:

Wiki research

Answer the questions below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki citation format. Please use pages on the wiki to find your answers.

  1. How many statewide measures were on the 2008 South Dakota ballot?
  2. How many states have a Lieutenant Governor? Which states do not?
  3. Who are the members of the Michigan State Senate Redistricting Committee?
  4. How many measures relating to Medical Marijuana were on the ballot in 1998? Which (if any) were approved?
  5. Who is the current representative for District 35 in the Texas House of Representatives?

Internet research

Answer the questions below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki citation format.

  1. Who is on the City Council for Sun Prairie, WI? When were they elected?
  2. What was the decision in the case of California State University, Fresno Assn., Inc. v. Superior Court in California?
  3. Who sponsored HB 477 in the Utah 2011 session? What did the bill do? What is it's current status?

Complex edit

For the final portion of the test you must add a vote results box from a historical mayoral race. Vote result boxes require important wiki skills including research, proper citations and table building code. Guidelines for adding one to a page can be found at Writing:Election histories (state legislators). Researching the race bulleted, add a small summary and the election box inside of the "Results" section indicated below. Follow the format used here

  • San Francisco, California mayoral election, 2011


In this section, add a link to the sub-section of the complex page you edited. Also write your answers to the research questions here in a bullet-pointed list.

Wiki Research

  1. On the original November 4, 2008 ballot measures in South Dakota, seven ballot measures appeared. An additional proposition vote on June 3 brought the total number of measures to eight.
  2. In total, 43 of the 50 states directly elect Lieutenant Governors. The five states that do not have an office of lieutenant governor include: Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wyoming. In Tennessee and West Virginia, the post of lieutenant governor is filled by the highest office of the state Senate.
  3. The current members of the Michigan State Senate Redistricting Committee include three Democrats - Steven Bieda, Bert Johnson, and Virgil Smith, and six Republicans - Joe Hune, Rick Jones, Dave Hildenbrand, Jim Marleau, John Moolenaar, and John Proos.
  4. Of the 227 ballot questions posed on the 1998 ballot measures, seven dealt with the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Four propositions received the required number of signatures and passed all procedural requirements - Alaska Ballot Measure 8, Nevada Ballot Question 9, Oregon Ballot Measure 67, and Washington Initiative 692.
  5. Oscar Longoria is the Democrat member of the Texas House of Representatives for House District 35.
  6. The City Council Members of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin include: Russell Fassbender, Hariah Hutkowski, Jonathan Freund, Andrea Gage, Zachary Weber, Al Hoffmann, Dave Carlson, and Mary Polenske[1].

Complex edit

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