Breakdown: A timeline of the Nevada sports arena measure

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September 15, 2011


CARSON CITY, Nevada: Many developments have surrounded the Nevada sports arena initiative in the past year. Lawsuits were filed, signatures were gathered and even a competing ballot measure was proposed and certified for the 2012 ballot.

The sports arena measure would allow a 20,000-seat sports arena on the Las Vegas Strip. Specifically the initiative would impose a 0.9 cent sales tax in a taxing district near the proposed arena. The revenue would finance bonds to construct the arena.

To help clean up the confusion on what exactly has happened concerning this measure, see the timeline below:

Event Date Developments
Lawsuit ruling Sept. 21, 2010 District Judge James Todd Russell upheld the proposed initiative petition, therefore declaring it valid.
Signatures filed Nov. 8, 2010 According to the Nevada Secretary of State's office, a total of 221,874 petition signatures were filed.
Signatures verified Dec. 2010 Nevada Secretary of State verified that the measure had sufficient signatures.
2nd lawsuit filed Dec. 15, 2010 Lawsuit filed alleging that there had been fraud in the gathering of petition signatures.
Block declined Feb. 3, 2011 District Court Judge declined to block the measure from being presented immediately to Legislature, but no ruling.
Rejection Mar. 17, 2011 State Senate rejected measure, sending it to the statewide ballot for a public vote.
Competing measure Mar. 28, 2011 Senate Bill 495 was introduced as a response to the sports arena ballot measure.

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