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Breaking News

This is an archive of older items from the Breaking News: Initiatives to Watch page on Ballotpedia for breaking news about ballot initiatives. These items were archived on January 7, 2008.

Affordable housing on ballot in San Francisco

The San Francisco City Council is endorsing a ballot measure that would require the city to spend $122 million on affordable housing. In total, if a majority of voters were to approve the measure, the city would earmark an estimated $2.7 billion over 15 years to affordable housing construction.[1]

Ohio Casino proponents file initiative is submitting a revised initiative to the Ohio Attorney General to allow one $600,000,000 resort/casino in Ohio. The submittal of the casino initiative petition, with 2,425 signatures, occurred only six days following last week's Ballot Board's rejection of the initial proposal based on verbiage of the liquor license and gaming commission language.[2]

Civil Rights Initiative submits signatures

Supporters of the Oklahoma Civil Rights initiative filed 22 boxes of signatures on Dec. 10, meeting the state deadline. The measure will add a new section to the state constitution banning preferences based on race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, public education, and public contracting by the state or any of its agencies, institutions, or political subdivisions. The Secretary of State will begin validating the signatures, which supporters need 138,970 of to qualify the measure for the ballot.[3]

Healthcare ballot could push budget overboard

A proposed ballot measure in Montana for children's health care is causing budget woes already. Gov. Schweitzer believe that the program could cost between $30=35 million a year while the state Auditor John Morrison believe it could cost much less, around $20 million annually. Either way, David Ewer, the governor's budget director said it would be "very expensive" and that it would be a struggle to take on the initiative with the other current programs.[4]

Booze ban riles San Diego

A California group, calling themselves Ban the Ban3 is pushing a referendum to fight a recent booze ban on San Diego beaches. The group reportedly has had 7,000 inquire to how they can collect the 30,209 certified signatures within 30 days. It will be the third time that a referendum campaign has been launched to fight a booze ban.[5]

Trump throws in with Gov. Crist

Facing criticism that his property tax cut measure is too weak, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist worked with Donald Trump to raise funding for the initiative. "The press just told me I pay over $1 million a year on one house in real estate taxes in Florida. I didn't even know. I said, 'Really? I pay that much?'" Trump told the media while standing next to Crist in a Trump Tower office. "Hopefully that sucker will come down a little bit."[6]

California's PERA won't make June ballot

California's Electoral Reform Initiative will not be able to make the June ballot. Activists said they did not have enough time or money to qualify for the June ballot but are planning on be on the Nov. 2008 ballot. If the measure does qualify and pass, it still remains unclear if it will affect the 2008 Presidential race. One expert said it could, as long as proponents word their measure so it clearly states its effect on the 2008 race. "I don't see any constitutional problem to that application," said Vik Amar, an expert on election law at the University of California, Davis. "Electors don't cast their ballots until December. It's always after the November election."[7]