Bremerton Transportation Benefit District Annual Vehicle Fee Proposition (November 2009)

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A Bremerton Transportation Benefit District Annual Vehicle Fee Proposition was on the November 3, 2009 ballot ballot in Kitsap County.

The measure failed.[1]

  • No: 5,252 (69.06%)Defeatedd
  • Yes: 2,353 (30.94%)

This proposition would have established a $30 fee on vehicles that would be collected within the district and would have been used to improve transportation in the area.

Ballot summary

The ballot read:

"Proposition No. 1 Annual Vehicle Fee for Transportation Improvement Program The Governing Board of the Bremerton Transportation Benefit District of the City of Bremerton, Washington, adopted Resolution No. 002 concerning the imposition of an annual vehicle fee to finance transportation improvements. This proposition would authorize an annual vehicle fee in the amount of thirty dollars ($30.00) to be imposed and collected within the District in accordance with RCW 82.80.140 for a term of three years to be collected as soon as authorized by law for the purpose of paying the costs of transportation improvement projects identified in Ordinance No. 5076 creating the Transportation Benefit District and Bremerton Transportation Benefit District Resolution No. 002. Should this proposition be approved?"[2]