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Broward League of Cities is a government sector lobbying association in Florida. The League is a nonpartisan, non-profit membership organization that represents all 31 municipalities of Broward County, Florida and over 80 associate government, non-profit, and business organizations.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The Broward League of Cities has a registered lobbyist with the Florida Executive Branch.[2]


The Broward County League of Cities was chartered in 1957 to represent the concerns of the then 15 municipalities. The emphasis today is on identification and resolution of problems that affect the day-to-day operations of 31 municipal governments, including legislation at the county, state, and federal levels.[1]

Mission statement

The Broward League of Cities identifies and helps resolve issues affecting municipalities within Broward County; promotes municipal authority and represents the best interests of municipalities and their residents; strives to increase public knowledge of municipal services, issues, concerns, accomplishments and responsibilities and provides leadership on issues of local, regional, state and national concern.[3]

BLC 2009-2010 issue committees


The Education Committee advocates for and monitors municipal, school board, and state policies, issues, funding matters, school resource officer program, and concerns in connection with education in Broward County and enhances communication with Broward County School Board.[4]


The Legislative/Advocacy Committee establishes, provides strategic direction, promotes, and monitors the legislative action plan of the Broward League of Cities.[4]


The Sustainability Committee addresses and coordinates with all agencies quality of life issues to maintain a sustainable, livable community, including, but not limited to: transportation, green building initiatives, alternative energy sources, growth, and water conservation impacts and concerns of municipalities.[4]

Economic issues

The Economic Issues Committee is comprised of four subcommittees:

The Fiscal Stewardship Subcommittee, which monitors financial issues and concerns of municipalities, including, but not limited to, impacts of property tax reform initiatives and further budgetary constraints; and identifies opportunities and strategies in areas of revenue generation, service consolidation, and fee examination.

The Union Relationships/Negotiations Subcommittee, which studies the impact of union employment, including pensions and other benefit programs, to ensure provision of quality services to residents while maintaining reasonable costs and funding.

The Neighborhood Stabilization and Housing Subcommittee, which facilitates coordination between local governments and agencies to address quality stable housing opportunities for municipal residents, i.e., affordable and workforce housing; recommends solutions in connection with foreclosures, abandoned properties, and neighborhood deterioration; and, identifies strategic initiatives to strengthen economic vitality through community redevelopment.

The Technology Subcommittee, which examines rapidly-developing technological advances, including the utilization of social websites, to facilitate a steady stream of valuable information to residents.[4]

Leadership development

The Leadership Development Committee provides opportunities for elected officials to develop their maximum leadership potential and communication abilities.[4]

2010 Census preparation

The 2010 Census Preparation Committee develops strategies to educate communities about the importance of participating in the 2010 Census to guarantee a fair allocation of federal funding for important local community efforts and maintain accurate legislative representation by ensuring every Broward County resident is counted.[4]

Political endorsement

The Political Endorsement Committee prepares questionnaires and conducts personal interviews with political candidates (other than municipal, judicial, and gubernatorial) for their positions on significant municipal issues and makes recommendations to the membership for the League’s endorsement; evaluates the legislative support of issues/legislative action agenda of the League.[4]


The Finance/Audit Committee acts as a fiduciary in monitoring the financial undertakings of the Broward League.[4]

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