Budgeting process in Massachusetts reaches final stages

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May 30, 2011


BOSTON, Massachusetts: Last Thursday the Massachusetts State Senate passed its version of the state budget for fiscal year 2012.[1]

Now, the budget moves to a conference committee where Senate and House leaders will negotiate the discrepancies between the two legislative documents.[2]

"We have completed another budget, but it has been an extremely difficult budget, and while we've acted cautiously, I know we would all like to have done more," said Therese Murray (D), Senate President.[3]

Neither chamber's budget plan increases taxes. Both use $440 million in onetime revenue to help balance the $1.9 billion spending gab.[1] Additionally, the Senate and House maintained the new provisions that will curtail unions ability to collectively bargain for health care benefits at the local level. Officials have said this will save $100 million for municipalities.[3]

After the conference committee reconciles the two document, it will head to Governor Deval Patrick's desk for signature. He will have 10 days to approve the appropriations bill.[1]

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