Butch Borasky recall, Nye County, Nevada, 2009

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An effort to recall Commissioner Butch Borasky was launched in June 2009 in Nye County, Nevada. The recall is sponsored by a group called Recalls R Us located in Pahrump, Nevada. However, as of September 24, the secretary of state's office concluded that there were insufficient signatures for a recall election.Defeatedd

Path to the ballot

On September 4, 2009 petitioners submitted 798 signatures to the Nye County Clerk's office. They were required to collect a minimum of 652 valid signatures or 1/4 of the registered voters in District 4. Recalls R Us, who helped collect the required signatures, also attempted to recall Pahrump town board members Nicole Shupp and Bill Dolan but were unable to collect sufficient signatures.[1]

Insufficient signatures

On September 24, 2009, the secretary of state's office concluded that Recalls R Us did not have sufficient valid signatures to move forward with the recall. Previously the Nye County clerk's office determined that the organization had collected sufficient signatures and scheduled a recall election for October 21, 2009. The county clerk determined that of the 600 signature sampling, 535 were valid. At that same ration the county determined 714 of the 801 submitted signatures were valid. However, after elimination 76 signatures the secretary of state's office canceled the recall election.[2]


In response to the secretary of state's ruling on the final signature count, Recalls R Us said that they plan to appeal the decision. Butch Clendenen said, "Ultimately we'll probably end up going to court no matter what."[2] However, on October 7 the Nevada Secretary of State rejected the group's appeal. In the secretary of state's response, the Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Matt Griffin wrote, "The court had noted that the right of removal clearly gives the electorate greater flexibility and voice in the exercise of its recall right. This procedure helps avoid unnecessary special elections and provides direct recourse for when signatures are improperly obtained despite the existing safeguards." Additionally, Griffin noted that the removed signatures required the statutory requirements.[3]

Election costs

According to County Commissioner Borasky, a special election will cost the county approximately $30,000.[1] "It will not cost $30,000 to have a recall election. Those words are directly out of Butch Borasky's mouth, and it's a total falsehood. It was incorrect information given to these people after the recall," said Butch Clendenen, chairman of Recalls-R-Us.[2]

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