Cabrillo Unified School District Parcel Tax, Measure B (June 2014)

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A Cabrillo Unified School District Parcel Tax, Measure B ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the Cabrillo Unified School District in San Mateo County, California, where it was approved.

Measure B authorized the district to renew for five years a parcel tax of $150 per parcel per year.[1]

In 2012, district voters approved Measure S, which authorized an $81 million school bond. The bond debt from Measure S was designed to be paid off by 2058. District taxpayers were set to spend an annual $45 per $100,000 on this previous bond issue until it expired.

Measure E was approved by voters in 2010. This tax, which was be renewed by Measure B, authorized a parcel tax in the district of $150 per parcel per year.

A 2/3rds supermajority vote was required for the approval of Measure B.

Election results

Measure B
Approveda Yes 4,637 70.8%
Election results from San Mateo County Elections Office

Text of measure

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:[1]

Without increasing the current tax rate and to continue student achievement in Coastside elementary, middle, and high schools by preserving strong science, math, reading and writing programs; retaining qualified teachers and staff; maintaining updated classroom technology; and keeping all district schools open, shall Cabrillo Unified School District renew its expiring $150 education parcel tax for five years with citizen oversight, a senior citizen exemption, no funds for administrators' salaries, and all funds staying in Coastside schools?[2]

Impartial analysis

The following impartial analysis of Measure B was prepared by the office of the county counsel:[1]

The California Constitution and state law authorizes school districts to levy qualified parcel taxes for specified purposes. Government Code Section 50077 provides that such tax measures pass if two-thirds of those voting on them vote for them. The Cabrillo Unified School District ("the District") currently has a parcel tax of $150 per parcel per year. The current tax expires June 30, 2015. By this measure, the District's Board of Education proposes to renew the tax for five years beginning July 1, 2015. This tax shall be at a rate of $150 per year per parcel on taxable parcels in the District.

The tax applies to parcels of land in the District that receive a bill for property taxes from San Mateo County tax collection officials. Any property owner who resides in a parcel as their principal residence and is (1) aged 65 years or older, (2) receives Supplemental Security Income for a disability regardless of age, or (3) receives Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, regardless of age, may apply for an exemption from the tax. If granted, the exemption will continue for the duration of the tax without the need for any future application, and any property owner who already qualified for an exemption on the basis of being 65 years or older under the current parcel tax will automatically qualify for an exemption without further application. The owner of contiguous parcels held under common ownership which (1) have the same primary purpose as the principal parcel and (2) are not separate and distinct properties that may be independently developed or sold may apply to have the parcels taxed as a single parcel. All property which is otherwise exempt from or on which is levied no ad valorem property taxes will also be exempt from the proposed tax.

The stated purpose of the parcel tax are to: preserve strong academic programs; retain qualified teachers and staff; protect programs for struggling students; provide college and career counseling; maintain updated classroom technology; and keep all District schools open. The proceeds from the tax may be used only for these purposes and may not be used for administrator salaries, pensions or benefits.

The proceeds of the parcel tax will be placed into a special account. An annual report accounting for parcel tax revenues collected and expended and the status of projects or programs funded by the tax will be filed with the Board of Education. An independent citizens' oversight committee will be appointed to review the expenditures of the parcel tax.

A "yes" vote on this measure would renew the current $150 tax per year per taxable parcel on property within the District for a period of five years beginning July 1, 2015, for the purposes listed above.

A "no" vote on this measure would not allow the parcel tax to be levied and the current tax of $150 would continue until June 30, 2015.

This measure passes if two-thirds of those voting on the measure vote "yes."[2]

—San Mateo County Counsel[1]



The following individuals signed the official arguments in favor of Measure B:[1]

  • Lenny Mendoca, local business owner
  • Sandra Andreini, former Cabrillo Unified School District PTO President
  • Jill Ballard, retired 40 year Montara resident
  • Judy Macias, Sonrisas' Community Dental Center Founding Board Member
  • Steve Johnson, chair of the Cabrillo Unified School District Measure E Citizens Committee

Arguments in favor

Official arguments

The following official arguments were submitted in favor of Measure B:[1]

Vote YES on B to protect high quality education in our local Cabrillo Unified School District schools without increasing taxes by a single penny. Good local schools help make our community a desirable place to live. By keeping our Coastside schools strong, we keep our community strong. That is why your Yes vote on Measure B is essential.

Measure B renews existing voter-approved funding for our schools that supports the keys to student success: strong academic programs and classroom instruction. This secure, stable source of funding is set to expire soon unless we pass Measure B.

Measure B continues programs that prepare students for college and careers, Advanced Placement courses, and hands on science curriculum for students. It retains skilled teachers and provides them with ongoing training to maintain strong education in our schools.

Measure B shields our schools for the instability of the state budget by securing stable, local funding that students can count on - money that will stay local and be used right here in our community to keep our schools strong.

Vote YES on B to:

  • preserve strong academic reading, writing, math, and science programs
  • retain qualified teachers and staff and provide ongoing training and professional development
  • protect programs to keep struggling students on the right track
  • maintain and support classroom technology
  • keep all of the District's schools open

Measure B requires fiscal accountability:

  • the independent Citizens' Oversight Committee will continue to ensure funds are spent as promised
  • none of the funds could be used for administrators' salaries, benefits, or pensions
  • homeowners aged 65 of older will continue to be eligible to receive an exemption
  • Measure B will expire in 5 years and cannot be renewed without voter approval

Please join parents, teachers, retirees, and Coastside leaders - vote YES on B to continue strong education in our community.[2]

—Lenny Mendoca, Sandra Andreini, Jill Ballard, Judy Macias and Steve Johnson[1]



Mark W.A. Hinkle, president of the Silicon Valley Taxpayers' Association, submitted the official arguments in opposition to Measure B, as well as every other June 3, 2014 school bond and tax measure in San Mateo County and San Benito County.[1]

Arguments against

Official arguments

The following official arguments were submitted in opposition to Measure B:[1]

Cabrillo Unified School District used 2010's state budget crisis to persuade us to pass the existing $150 parcel tax, promising the burden would end in 2015. Promise broken! The crisis is over, yet we're still paying the tax and they're already asking to keep it. They want it to last another 5 years! Homeowners already feel the pinch of the downturn and inflation. San Francisco and San Mateo counties tie for least affordable in the state - with only 17% of people able to buy homes there (California Association of Realtors). With San Mateo County's official unemployment rate rose since December and the real rate - counting people who have stopped looking for work - is even higher. Measure B will increase everyone's housing cost (except the few senior homeowners who remember, annually, to file for their exemption), hurting the unemployed the worst. Remember: renters' cost rise when their landlords' costs rise.


Student enrollment 3,324 in year 2012/13

3,317 in year 2011/12
virtually flat

Number of teachers 148 in year 2011/2012

159 in year 2010/2011
down 6.91%

In 2010, they promised the tax was going to retain qualified teachers yet the number of teachers has declined. Did only unqualified teachers leave?

With fewer teachers, shouldn't expenses be down? Doesn't matter: the District wants more money - while enrollment is virtually flat.

Cabrillo Unified School District says these funds won't go for administration. Another empty promise: Any funds generated outside this parcel tax can simply be shifted to administration without limit. Don't be fooled by this shell game.

Everywhere families' budgets are sinking - why not also at Cabrillo Unified School District?

Cabrillo Unified School District already spends $10,318/year per student. That's over 1/4 million dollars for a class of 25.

Teach Cabrillo Unified School District's board to be financially responsible. Vote No on Measure B.[2]

—Mark W.A. Hinkle, president of the Silicon Valley Taxpayers' Association[1]

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