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The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI), a 501(c)(3), is a non-profit, free market oriented research and education organization in Delaware. It seeks to improve performance, accountability and efficiency in Delaware government by providing information, solutions and critiques on spending and policy decisions.

CRI works closely with the State Policy Network and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.[1]


The stated mission of the CRI is to "influence public policy in Delaware by helping every Delawarean understand and put into practice the fundamentals of a free society: individual initiative, personal responsibility, private property, voluntary agreements, informed choice, the rule of law, and strong local communities."[2]


CRI conducts research in a number of areas, releasing op-eds, articles and policy briefs. Topics include: the need for a free market approach, education, energy, health care, environment, and first principles.

Transparency projects

Delaware Spends

The goal of is to make it easier for citizens to see how state and local tax dollars are spent. Although not yet live at the time of this article's writing, the site aims "to become the hub of a statewide network through which taxpayers can share, analyze and compare data from the state, counties, municipalities and school districts throughout Delaware."[3]

The site will feature the ability to search government payrolls, contracts, and expenditures. As an example of what it will look like, they point to See Through NY.

Sunlight on Schools

Sunlight on Schools was also a work in progress at the time of this article's writing. Once live it will allow parents, policymakers, teachers, and other interested parties to compare spending, test scores, and other performance measures for each school district in the state. It is slated to include:

  • Cost per pupil
  • Results vs. expenditures
  • Faculty and administrator compensation
  • District comparisons
  • Total spending
  • Total expenditures
  • Total enrollment

As an example of what it will look like, they point to North Dakota Policy Council's Sunshine on Schools.


The CRI's "Spend-O-Meter" will be live once it is updated to include fiscal year 2010 budget bills. It will include state spending per month, week, day, hour, minute, and second.[4]

Contact information

Caesar Rodney Institute
Post Office Box 795
Dover, DE 19903

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