Calhoun County Commission Board Member Increase (November 2010)

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A Calhoun County Commission Board Member Increase referendum was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Calhoun County.

This measure has been approved for the ballot with enough valid signatures being submitted by petitioners. Though city council members question the reasoning behind the measure, they do not feel that two more members would be able to better represent the county residents, but put it on the ballot regardless, to let voters have their say on the issue. County officials also noted that taxes would likely increase if this is approved in order to pay for the additional member's salaries.[1]


With the passing of a recent law, residents in Calhoun county are able to petition for an increase in their county board members. Currently the county board has three members, but some residents want to increase that number to five. They feel that with the increased number they would be able to better represent all of the residents in the county. But the county government is not sure if they could afford to pay two more members. A petition drive had not started to get this issue to the ballot, it had just been discussed by residents. Some residents had hoped that the board would put it on the ballot as a referendum vote without there being a need to petition for it.[2]

A petition drive had been undertaken to get this measure on to the November 2010 ballot. Petitioners were trying to get resident support for the issue, noting that better representation is the most important thing. A requirement of 377 valid signatures, by August 16, was needed to get this measure approved, but the group had been aiming for 500 in case there were a large amount of invalid signatures obtained. If this measure is approved, a new board members will not be elected until 2012 because the current members would finish out their terms.[3]